2017 Harvest

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly review 18.04. - 26.04.2016

After weeks of warm weather we fell down to early spring temperatures. Daily temperatures are fairy warm with weeks high at 22°C (71 F) but morning temperatures are very very low. They started dropping from last Wednesday and today we reached minimal temperatures. This morning we had only -2.7°C (26 F), temperatures 5cm from the ground were even worse. Here we had around -5°C

Next few days don't look any better and it even seems we could get some snow.

Of course that means every not protected delicate plant got (or will get) frozen and destroyed. Luckily I still haven't planted any of my seedlings outside. I follow the rule "no planting before May 15th" and if we don't have a very warm year I don't touch my seedlings until that date.
Still I had to protect my seedlings with extra blankets and bedsheets.

Some of my tomatoes grew too tall due to the too warm beginning of the April. So now I had to place a stick and keep them in the house during the night.

There is not much going on in my garden. My peas are out. I've sown two varieties. This year they are American wonder and Villo.

I tried removing the weeds but most of the A. wonder stayed covered in weeds. Couch grass is covering my small peas and pulling them out means pulling out my peas too. I'll have to wait for my peas to grow stronger before weeding the garden.

As for my orchard it seems being surrounded with woods helps to keep it warmer than the rest of the village. My trees weren't affected with frost. More about orchard tomorrow in orchard review.


  1. A real nuisance if you have to cover your young plants every night. We don't have nightfrost but our day temperatures are generally lower than yours. Especially the last few days it's colder again with day temp. of only 7 degr.C. and hailstorms.

    1. Yes, insane temperature range is what we get for living between Alps and Mediterranean climate. Nights get very cold and afternoons are extremely warm. Just imagine our wardrobe during the spring. In the morning you go out in full winter look and you get back home in the afternoon in summer clothes. :D

  2. We really do need things to,warm up, if we are ever going to catch up.


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