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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekly review 11.04- 17.04.2016

Past week has been a real mix of weather. From extremely warm few days with strong south winds to a very rainy Thursday. In one day we got so much rain that even today soil is mud and no work can be done in the garden.

My front yard is overflown with seedlings, many of them are already ready for transplanting but I'm still doubtful about placing them in unprotected space, especially since there is a possibility of very low temperatures at the end of next week.
That's why some of my seedlings have been moved outside and now are covering all my tables, benches and even trash cans.

Pumpkins, dwarf tomatoes, millet, corn

Chilly peppers

Dwarf tomatoes and more peppers

Other seedlings are still safely hidden but if they continue to grow so fast I will have to move them as well.
sweet peppers

tomatoes(different sizes and times of sowing)


I have not been much in my garden lately. The rain has made the soil very moist and all the wind we get is coming from the south so my garden is not drying as fast as it should.

Right now only blooming thing in my garden is my Nero di Toscana kale.

In my yard things are looking better, next to my Iberis and bleeding heart my garden is now coloured with wallflowers and lilac.

 Forest is almost fully green by now, fruits are slowly stopping the blooming process.
Remember my complaining about the petals from the beginning of the week? They are all gone now.

Now we're only waiting for one more annoying summer bloomer - Black locust

It is still sleeping but once it starts blooming here comes trouble and allergy.

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  1. Very fresh and healthy seedlings! I love your flowers!


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