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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Two is company, three is...a full bucket of fun

Few years ago I wrote about everyday walks I take with Nero. Well walks haven't changed much, still they had to be modified a bit now that Srećko is walking with us.

Yesterday before the snow started day was nice and sunny and I decided to take a camera to the walk. Since we got Srećko our walks moved from the road to the woods and fields because Srećko has a fetish for cars and as soon as he sees one he wants to catch it and bite the tires. Of course that means I can let him walk without a leash near roads.
Nero on the other hand is still a very good dog and knows that running after cars is forbidden and he can walk without leash all the time.

As soon as we get deeper in the woods I let Srećko run around. He's like a little rocket, runs around like crazy. One minute he's here and the next he's on the other side of the forest.

Two photos taken 5 seconds apart. Now you see me.

Now I'm gone.

From the forest we go to a big field. There are no roads here, only one gravel path so my dogs can run free here.

In the end of the field there are few cottages and vacation homes but neighbours that own that land like animals and they don't mind when dogs run around their houses. Still my little pests never go that far away. They run back to their favourite meadow.

As soon as Srećko gets to the meadow he starts digging.

his digging takes a while so I use that time to enjoy pretty flowers...

yup he's still digging

...and the sight of Nero surrounded with flowers...

if I dig hard enough maybe I'll find a big bone...or a mouse
Soon (after 45 minutes) Nero loses interest in standing around and starts walking home and I follow.

Are you coming home today?

Srećko...still digging...

While we're waiting for his Lordship to finish digging we enjoy the company of Luna, our neighbour.
No,they're not siblings, just look the same :D
We love eachother very much.
After almost an hour Srećko finally finished digging.

And the weather was quickly changing so it was the time to run home.

Well at least Nero was running home...

 Srećko wasn't in the mood to go home. He just wanted to sleep.

Which he did whole afternoon.

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