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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Snowing petals

Tree blossoms are very beautiful. Until the petals start falling off.

Every year we somehow avoided being snowed in by the falling petals but this year is different.
Yesterday cherry petals started falling carried by the wind and making a huge mess all around my front yard.

On some parts they are so dense that they look like we had a summer snow storm.

Even Nero is covered

And Srećko keeps barking on them

he got a bit chubby during the winter
 And they are literally everywhere. In every pot, on every surface, even in the house. They even stick to the clothes and hair.

Sweeping doesn't work, they just scatter around the floor. I'm getting an urge to vacuum them up, I guess I'll be using that as my last resort. Right now I'm hoping the soon announced rain will wet them enough so they disappear or at least get wet enough to be able to sweep them.
Although that rain we were supposed to get seems more and more like a pleasant dream.


  1. You sound just like my husband--the petals drive him crazy. Can you imagine in a place like Washington DC--FAMOUS for it's cherry blossums--how bad it must get with the petals?
    Ah well, this too shall pass.

    1. Lol I can try but I don't think I can imagine it. Well at least all the yards in town are covered with petals at the same time so nobody will point and say that they are messy :D

  2. I'm always sad when the petals fall. I love to see the trees in blossom.

    1. Me too, just this year they are really annoying. :D


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