2017 Harvest

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Orchard beauty

Unusually warm beginning of April was very beneficial for my orchard. Trees had lots of flowers on them and many of them turned into little fruits.

Cherries and plums have finished flowering process. If the weather doesn't bring us frost or strong winds we could have nice harvest.

Apples are blooming and making fruits at same time. I was surprised to see the amount of small fruits on every branch. Hopefully lots of them will survive and continue growing.

Quince started blooming last week, like every year she is packed with flowers. I'm not sure I'm happy with all this flowers. They mean tree will be full of fruits again. There is no way we can use all the fruits so there will be a lot of waste again.

Blackberries will also bloom soon. Branches are full of small buds. If the weather will be good we could get around 50kg of blackberries again.

 Right next to the blackberries is my horseradish bush. It has been here over 20 years and it's still growing and blooming.

Each year around Easter I dig out some of the roots to make sauce with ham (Croatian traditional Easter meal). By next Easter the remaining roots fill the empty space and I can harvest it again.

EDIT 7:02pm : So much for my warm weather wishes. It's snowing outside.


  1. All our fruit us maybe a couple of weeks or so behind yours. We've had snow flurries too and I am concerned that it is too cold for the pollinators to be about,

  2. My cherry tree only started flowering-Im hoping for some fruits too :))


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