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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Indoors again

Just when I thought this year we will avoid low morning temperatures and seedling moving this week proved me wrong.
Since Tuesday morning temperatures have started dropping each morning. Today we had 2°C

Whole week doesn't look any better. Temperatures for Zagreb are below 10°C which means 2 or 3 °C less here. Cold enough for me to start moving my seedlings back inside.
Most of my seedlings have again filled all my windows. Only things left outside are part of peppers , tomatoes and beans that have been moved to covered shelves instead of open ones.

tomatoes and flowers

pumpkins and watermelons

chilli peppers

I have already transplanted some of my chilly peppers to big pots and they can't be moved inside so they got cold protection.

Red basket of fire, Peter pepper and Naga Jolokia

Sadly I didn't react soon enough and my ipomea already got cold weather bites.

Now I can only hope there will be no more damage.


  1. It's a difficult time of year, isn't it?
    I spend a good portion of my day hauling plants in and out. Tiring, but necessary.
    Have a good week

    1. Yes, I guess all of us have the same problems when spring comes.
      Every year I try to avoid moving seedlings but each year I move them around.

  2. Here we have about same temperatures, especially the nights are too cold. I have to keep my plants inside for some more days....

    1. It seems whole Europe has crazy weather this year.

  3. You have lots of seedling there. I have to resow my seeds. almost of my seedling chewed by the snails.

    1. Luckily snails are something I don't have a problem with.

  4. We have had one or two lovely days but cold nights and now a cold snap is predicted.


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