2017 Harvest

Monday, April 4, 2016

From winter to summer jump

After an unusually warm and dry winter and moist March, the beginning of April seems more like the  beginning of June. Morning temperatures are normal for this part of Croatia, but daily temperatures are through the roof. Today we had a windy day with temperatures around 24°C in shade. In sunny parts temperature was much higher. Even right now temperature is still 21°C which is very high for this time of the year.
I can't remember when was the last time I sat outside in beginning of the April in my summer clothes.

This warm weather is good for my seedlings. I don't have to keep all of them in my house. My peppers are big enough to be kept outside whole day. Some of my flowers have also been moved to the coffin greenhouse.  

Second batch of my pepper seedlings is still in the house waiting for first big leaves to grow. After that they will also go outside.

 One of the last things I've sown were my tomatoes, which are now 14 days old. Some of them, like marmande  have still not germinated and others are big enough to be placed in outside shelf greenhouse.

This year I've sown 50 varieties out of 120 that I have. Like every year I will be planting 200 seedlings this year. 26 determinate ones, 8 varieties that grow over 3m and others are indeterminate ones that grow under 3m.

I will be posting a list of all my tomato varieties soon and I'm hoping to make a complete review of each variety in the future.


  1. Wow-that's an incredible amount of tomatoes.
    I always love to see seedlings--there's such a promise of good harvests ahead.
    Happy Spring

    1. Well judging by the warm beginning of the year we really should have a very good tomato harvest this year.

  2. That is certainly an enormous number of tomatoes.


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