2017 Harvest

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gardening year 2015

New gardening year is about to begin and it's time to start making planes for new season. This year I have many goals and many ideas but I decided to be careful with them so I wouldn't end up disappointed.
This year I gathered lots of seeds and that will force me to make my garden a bit bigger.
Past autumn I've already deep dag a part of my orchard where I will plant pumpkins this year and I'm also thinking about making a new cabbage garden next to my herb garden.I just need to find a way to hide it from deers first.

I already made this years main garden plan. I'm doing the same size like last year 12x25m.

This year I'm doing the same 2 year rotation like I did last year, so this year on the upper half of the garden I will plant 2 beds(1,5x12m) of bush dry beans, a bed of snap beans, 2 beds of peas, and one bed (2x12m) of carrots and onions. I decided not to plant parsley this year. It seems there's no way to grow it here. I've been trying for the past 10 years and I always get very slim harvests.

Lower part of the garden will have 6 beds. 5 will be 1,5x12m and one will be 4,5m. The biggest one will have 5 rows of potatoes. the others will be filled with 160 tomato seedlings(2 beds), sweet and chili peppers(2 beds) and one bed with cucumber net and watermelons that will crawl under the net.

Since I can't know what kind of year we will have, a wet one like last year or dry one like 2 years ago, I will make sure I'm safe in both situations.
I won't be mulching any plants until  the sunny and dry weather starts. I will collect grass that I mow before the summer and if I will need it then it will be used.
Also in case of the heat waves in summer I'll be doing my protective plant walls.
Last years worked even when there was no sun. The plants protected my fruits from wind.
So this year my protective plants will be corns, millet, amaranth and cosmos. I've ordered many different types of amaranths and cosmoses. I love the way they look and they will help me a lot with their tall leaves and big bushy plants.

Now all I can do is hope this year will be less worrying and stresfull for my garden.