2017 Harvest

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Weeks harvest

With the beginning of August my harvests got a bit bigger, the affect of cold spring is very noticable and everything is ripening almost 2 weeks later than it should. Also the amounts I'm getting are much smaller than I would get if we had normal spring, but still each fruit is a pleasure to harvest.
I harvest my fruits every day or every other day depending on the amount that needs to be harvested. Some may notice that none of my tomatoes fully ripe. That's because in downhill garden leaving tomatoes to ripe would mean the need to collect them in my orchard. as soon as tomatoes start getting softer they start falling down and rolling around the garden.

This week after the waiting period of 4 days tomato harvest was fairly good. On Tuesday I harvested tomatoes, some cucumbers, peppers, watermelon and some carrots. I should mention that I harvest carrots only the amount I need for making dinner, that's a few carrots each couple of days. Rest of carrots will be harvested in September.

There was also a nice collection of cherry tomatoes.
From upper corner: Violet Jasper, Zloty deszcz, Balcony yellow, Black cherry, Koralik, Weird Tiny Tim and Pokuska

Small tomatoes always have a strong taste so they are the best ones for sun drying. Conditions for sun drying are ideal right now. Temperatures are back to 30+°C

On Wednesday, like I already wrote in previous post, we've dag out some of our potatoes. This time we got 20kg of potatoes.

I have also harvested  some tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, blackberries, 3 heads of Kalibos cabbages, corn, beans and shallots.

Shallots will be left to fully dry. One kilo of this shallots will be saved for next year to use them again and other will be used for cooking.

Disgraceful amount of beans will be left to dry and used as dry beans. From 1 kilo of beans this is all I got.

 This is the first corn harvest of the year. They are a bit small and unevenly filled with seeds but still taste nice.

 Yesterday again I have harvested some tomatoes, few carrots and a baby vegetable spaghetti squash.

This is the first squash I got this year, actually it's the first fruit of all my squashes and zucchinis.  This year has been difficult for all my zucchinis. They grow nicely but have only male flowers, the small amount of female flowers that turns into fruits dries up when fruits are the size of thumb. The situation is the same in whole village. My neighbor has a big garden with only zucchinis and all she gets are big male flowers. No fruits.
That's the reason I harvested my squash while it's still young. I'm afraid it will start rotting.

I've also harvested my first chili peppers. Some Red basket of fire peppers, Explosive ember, Cayenne purple and unknown variety. It was supposed to be Naga Jolokia but instead I got small pepperoni peppers. They have similar hotness like Red basket so I'll use them for pickled peppers.


  1. That's a really fine harvest of potatoes you got. Looks like a winter of good eating ahead!

    1. Thank you, I don't think we'll have a winter of good eating. This potatoes will be eaten before October :D

  2. Wow, love to see your harvest. As you are often complaining (haha), your harvest does not look bad at all. Nice looking potatoes and I love the pictures of your different varieties of tomatoes, you have showed them wonderfully. Also a nice looking squash!
    All together a nice harvest for many happy meals!

    1. Lol yes I complain a lot, but only because I know that my garden can produce much more than I'm getting.
      I was lucky I got all my cherry tomatoes at same time so I could show them. Other tomatoes aren't that cooperative.

  3. Lovely harvest! I envy to your tomatoes, so various! I like it!

  4. Great harvest despite the conditions, we are late here in the north too.

    1. It seems that this spring did a mess in every garden.

  5. Our tomatoes are only just starting to turn red

    1. They are later than mine, but In September when my harvests will be over you'll enjoy your fresh tomatoes.


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