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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tangled up

As I'm sure even the birds on branches know that I love climbing annual flowers, especially Ipomea, so I know there's no need to say that I've sown it again this year. This year I've sown it on three different places, on my wire, in front of the house and in front of my window. Last year the best Ipomea was in front of my bedroom window was the best and the biggest one. This year it's not the case. This year is my window Ipomea is very poor. Almost giving no shade, lately after the last rain and colder weather it started growing again but it's still very poor.


The one on the wire is looking much better and greener. Wires are full of pink flowers.

One of the Ipomea seedlings started growing on the opposite side of the wire and I thought it would be a good idea to leave it there and let it cover my doggy fence. I was so wrong.
I always keep forgetting how vigorous it can get.

Even the most vigorous plant in my garden Canna Lilly got tangled up in Ipomea. It took me ages to free it from all the vines. 

Brown spot is doggy pee spot :D

Third Ipomea is also looking very nice and green, it has filled all the strings I've placed and is providing shade for our house plants which are outside during the summer.

Vines  have started going on the other side of the curtain, they are blooming and I don't have the heart to cut it off.

All this tangled plants and jungly look ends up forgotten when I see delicate flowers it opens every morning.


  1. Last fall was the first time I didn't cut back the vines--I left them up over winter and I have them sprouting up everywhere. I never pull the seedlings unless they're strangling some plant---I just love how beautiful they are. I used to grow a mix of colors, but all the seedlings reverted back to the original purple (but still gorgeous!!)

    1. They reversed back? I've also sown the mix of colours last year, collected their seeds but colours are again mixed. Ok I don't think I can find dark blue ones anymore but other colours are here.

  2. Beautiful blue Ipomoeas, I really did love the one on your bedroom window last year.

    1. Yeah it was really nice. This years is lame like whole year :D


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