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Monday, August 10, 2015

Seed madness starting

Beginning of August is a wonderful time to start thinking about seeds. Flowers have usually already dried their first flower heads and they are ready for collecting, early tomatoes ripe just perfectly to gather their seeds, lettuce stems are ready to be collected and placed in dark place to dry.

I've started to gather my first seeds, right now the only things ready to collect are some tomatoes, cosmoses and cornflowers. Every year I have problems with the best way to dry my seeds. I use small plastic cups, plates, paper cups...this year I tried to use old egg boxes.

Seeds in parts without egg cups dried wonderful. The ones that I placed in cup also dried but I had a small problem with them...how am I supposed to get them out of the box now??? :D I'm not using the egg cup parts again.

There are lots of seeds I need to gather this year. I have many pepper and tomato seeds I need to collect because I have only one or two seeds left. Luckily collecting tomato and pepper seeds is easy. One pepper and you get enough seeds for next two years. I need 20 varieties of tomatoes and 14 pepper varieties.

So far I managed to gather Green Zebra, Mona Lisa, Malakhitovaya and Cherokee purple tomatoes. The seeds are ready to be packed but just to be on the safe side new seeds will stay in paper tissues until spring.

New seeds in paper bag, old seeds in plastic bag

While I was putting away my new seeds I noticed that my seed boxes are a bit empty. Ok not empty but empty for my concept of full seed box.

What bothers me the most is the amount of empty plastic bags. I have 50 small bags that are completely empty.

That can lead to only one thing...seed shopping!!
I've already started buying some new seeds from my favourite seller. I bought different packages of flowers for next year (Vendium, Nemesia, Mission bells poppy, Tagetes crackerjack, Calendula orange king, red Bellis, Tomato Roma gold and Firecracker, Pepper sweet banana, Mexican Zinnia, Aster blue star/ unicum/ chinchilla, African daisy, Cleome, Single Alba, Sunflower magic and Mexican and Livingstone daisy).

I still plan to buy new pepper varieties and try new cabbages...and maybe try Rhubarb next year.


  1. I use those small grill pans (aluminum) that you pick up in 6-packs at any grocery or hardware store to dry my seeds. I can stack them (on angles) and it works nicely and the seeds are easy to remove when dry.
    I love your seed stash. And congrats on empty bags---it's always fun to shop for seeds!

    1. Small grill pans? I don't think I've seen them here. We only have aluminum trays, but they are deep and small. Do they have a special name(so I'd know what to search for)?

    2. Hi Leanan-you can cut and paste this into Amazon.com search bar:
      Weber 6415 Small 7-1/2-Inch-by-5-inch Aluminum Drip Pans, Set of 10
      $6--but if you already have some trays, you might just use those.
      These just worked really well for me---I put a label in each tray that I can later attach to whatever I use to store the seed.
      Happy Gardening!


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