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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mystery continues

Few weeks ago I was writing about mysteriously eaten lettuce and beans  in that post I've accused blackbirds of ravaging my garden.Well this post will be official apologize to those lovely birds. This week after the storm when I went in to the garden I saw that my garden has been ravaged again,my beans have been eaten .

I thought it was the birds again until I saw my carrots. Not only were they eaten but also pulled out of the soil. The strangest thing is that they weren't eaten at all. They were just pulled out with eaten leaves but the carrot was intact. I inspected each carrot and there's not a single tooth mark on them.

The soil around the carrots was full of small feet marks. When I first saw the soil and my carrots I thought maybe my 2 pests were busy playing and pulled them out. But they wouldn't eat the leaves. Especially bean leaves. I mean I have dogs now cows at home.
Prints seem a bit small but don't have the shape of birds marks. I'm pretty sure that those are not rabbit marks either. They are missing the longer back legs prints.

Now I'm guessing it's either a deer or cats. But why would the cats eat my carrot leaves? Also I've checked my whole fence again and I can't find a place where the fence would be torn so deer could enter in the garden. My only reasonable answer is that I have a Pegasus that visits my garden, flies over the fence and then leaves hoof prints while he feasts on my plants.


  1. I usually enjoy a mystery, but not when it comes to the garden. Hope you find the culprit!

  2. A mystery indeed. Is it possible that something has hidden somewhere inside the fencing


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