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Monday, August 3, 2015

Blight again

This years tomato season started quite early. In first days of July I was already harvesting my first tomatoes. First came variety Stupice and after somewhere in the middle of July started other varieties. So far I've harvested almost all my varieties, with exception of few late ones that should come in mid August.
While we had very high temperatures my tomatoes were very strong and healthy. I've been harvesting around 2kg each day.

But then we had a massive change of weather. Past week we got a storm that brought cold and rainy weather which has stayed for entire week. Our morning temperatures dropped below 15°C and daily temperatures didn't pass 20°C. Each morning we had long lasting fogs and the amount of rain was very high for July. In just one week we got almost 50L of rain.

Of course that started affecting my tomatoes. Blight started showing up on many of my varieties.  The most affected varieties are Mona Lisa, Viva Italia and Kuma.

Viva Italia has blight only on leaves for now, fruits are completely healthy, but Mona Lisa and Kuma have started showing signs on fruits too.
Viva Italia

Since we had rain every single day for past week I've been trying to clean the plants of infected leaves. On Viva Italia I had to remove more than 50% of leaves so I'm basically left with a plant that only has fruits on it. 
Viva Italia
I've removed sick parts from all my plants, on some that's only a leave or two, on others like Kuma I had to remove some fruits too.


I'm not sure I will plant Kuma and Mona Lisa next year, I'm not too satisfied with this two tomatoes. Blight gets them rapidly and harsh, also Kuma has only one or two tomatoes per plant and Mona Lisa fruits fall very easily off the plant. While I was trying to clean them I was left with almost half of green fallen tomatoes.

Mona Lisa
When I've finished cleaning all my plants I removed all pinkish fruits from the plants. They will ripe on the balcony.

This Friday after a week of trying to stop the blight and after another night of constant rain with temperature of only 11°C  I came to the conclusion that there's no real chance to defend my tomatoes from the blight if I don't use some kind of fungicide. Fungicide is always the last line of defense but in case like this one necessary because I have harvested only around 20% of existing tomatoes, plants are still blooming and producing new fruits and I'm not ready to give up on my tomatoes and pull out 200 seedlings.

So after ruling out many different cooper based fungicides since it's too late for them and ruling out the ones with waiting period longer than 5 days I've decided to use Quadris(Azoxystrobin). I've used 0.01% on 10L of water. Waiting period is 4 days so few more days and I'll be able to harvest again. I'm still not sure if it worked since I've pulled off all my infected leaves, in a few days I'll see if there are more infected tomatoes, or I managed to stop the blight.


  1. So sorry to hear you got blight. You have such a beautiful variety of tomatoes.

    1. Thank you, I try to gather the most unique ones.

  2. Such a shame! I believe that some blight resistant tomatoes are being developed as this is such a common problem.

    1. Yes I have few blight resistant varieties, but I love trying new varieties so I always struggle with blight in bad years. one thing is sure some of this years tomatoes will not be planted next year.


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