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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tiny Tim not so tiny anymore

For years I've been planting a Balcony yellow dwarf tomato on my balcony and it was always one of the earliest, delicious, most healthy tomatoes in my yard. That's why last year I decided to acquire red balcony tomatoes. After searching I've decided to get Tiny Tim.

Last year it was a good tomato and since I didn't have enough I took seeds for this year. This year I've sown some of the old seeds and most new Tiny Tim seeds. I've noticed something strange about it even when I had only seedlings. Seedlings were longer and leaves much bigger than the Balcony yellow ones. I thought maybe it was this years freaky cold spring that got them this way. But when seedlings grew to a full length plant it was clear it wasn't just the cold.
My Tiny Tim wasn't tiny anymore.

My Tim is now 110cm tall with big leaves and bigger fruits than they were supposed to be. Also on two plants I've got two completely different shaped tomatoes. My guess is I got mum and dad of the Tiny Tim so now I've got a whole family. I'm only not sure which one is mum and which is dad. One plant has irregular shaped bigger tomatoes. And the other has smaller stripped tomatoes.

The round stripped ones have slightly thicker skin than the irregular ones, both have fresh, sour taste, perfect for salads. I like them both so this year I'm planing to leave some seeds of the stripped ones, only because they look more exotic.
one thing is sure, they won't go to waste, tomatoes are tomatoes. Small, big, round, black or yellow they are all delicious and will eat them all.


  1. Such a surprise to get different tomatoes from seeds on your balcony. They look very tasty!

  2. Definitely a mix up somewhere along the line.


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