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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Struggling gardener

This gardening year has been a struggle since the beginning and it's continuing to be a difficult task.
Spring and beginning of the summer were colder than average. Most of the plants suffered from too low temperatures preventing them to grow the optimal amount of foliage. In beginning of July things changed very drastically. Heat waves begun 3 weeks ago and are still continuing. This past 3 weeks we had no rain and temperatures are constantly over 35°C. This high temperatures have made our nights warm so now there's no dew in the mornings. Mulch doesn't help much to keep plants moist.

Cucumbers haven't grown enough

High temperatures have also devastated our harvests. Zucchinis don't ripe, after forming fruits they dry off without reaching size bigger than thumb. Beans have stopped flowering and potatoes are staying small.
The only thing growing in the garden is grass which is hard to remove because of the prolonged drought. In the end I gave up removing them, I'm just waiting for the first rain to do some cleaning.

Drying potatoes

Devastated beans
The bad gardening year is greatly shown on my Amaranth plants. Last year they were 1,5m tall with beautiful big flowers. This year garden plants are hardly reaching 50cm without flowers. The plants in front yard which are watered every day are looking a bit better, around 1m tall and slowly forming flower stems.

garden amaranth
front yard amaranth

The only thing that is enjoying this heat is tomatoes. They started having first red fruits on July 15th. So far the fruits that ripe are Koralik, Black cherry,  Black Seaman, Glacier and Stupice.


  1. Gardening is definately a challenge. Thankfully, something always has a good year despite all the setbacks. Guess it's the year of the tomato for you. I get them only for a week a year---our season is only 85 days. But--while here, they are sure treasured.
    Hope you get some much needed relief from the heat and drought.

  2. You will have lots of harvest next.

  3. It's a bad gardening year here too/


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