2017 Harvest

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pepper world

Saturday brought us some much needed rain. Temperatures have dropped from suffocation 38°C to 16°C. As much as that worries me because my tomatoes will most likely get blight, it's nice to finally be able to breathe fresh air.

Today's rain has messed up my gardening plans so I decided to sort out my front yard peppers. Since I had only few seeds from each new chili pepper variety in spring I decided to plant them in pots instead of garden. That way I was sure I will have fruits and my seedlings won't get eaten by bugs. That's why now I have a small pepper jungle in my front yard.

I've separated my peppers to extremely hot ones, hot ones and milder ones. Extremely hot ones are located on the left side in back row. There I've hidden my Naga peppers, Bhut Jolokia, Black Cuban and Trinidad Moruga.

The front row contains peppers which reach from 100 000shu to 1 000 000shu. Here I have my Habaneros, Piri piri, 7 pot white, Zimbabwe black and  Hungarian pepper. Here is also my Peter pepper to keep it from direct sun.

On the other side I have my milder chili peppers, the ones that have from 2000 to 100 000shu. This peppers will be used for pickled peppers and for stuffing. On this side I keep my Explosive ember, Jalpeño, Red basket, Rawit red, Aji Lemon, Cayene purple and Bishop's crown.

Some of these peppers already have fruits which I'm waiting to turn red and be harvested, and others still have just flowers. The ones with flowers are mostly the extreme hot ones.

Peppers with dark leaves had to be moved to my balcony because the strong sun in front yard, where temperatures reach 50°C, badly burned their leaves. So now my Black Namaqualand and Filius blue are hidden behind Fuchsias and tomatoes.

They seem to like it here, colour of the leaves has turned into dark green/black back again and they have started growing better and forming flowers.

As you could see on one of the previous photos Gizmo is still here, and he's staying.

He has become another member of the family. Nero and him now get along ok, except when they are nervous and jump on eachothers throats. But they are never left alone so every fight is solved in 2 seconds and they act like nothing happened.

The only problem that they have now is the rain. Both Nero and Gizmo are angry at the fact they can't be outside because of the rain. The fact that we went on their morning walk even though it has been raining didn't help much. Both are moping around with their sad faces. And people say that animals don't get depressed :)

The look of despair No.1
The look of despair no. 2


  1. Great pepper jungle in your frontyard, at least you will have all kind of peppers now. And.....I love those two cute dogs, depressed by the rain, haha.
    We had a lot of rain too the last few days, I'm glad, but the storm which came with the rain was no good, it made a mess of the garden.

    1. Thank you :) Cute dogs are cute only on photos, in person they turn into little annoying gremlins :D

  2. Your peppers look so healthy! I like your beautiful fuchsia!

    1. Thanks :) Peppers seem to like my extreme temperatures.


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