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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our brajda

My neighborhood isn't very crowded. Near me there are only 3 houses and all of them are vacation houses. One of my neighbors is here almost every day but other two neighbors are rarely or almost never here. Both houses have grapevine in front of the house and my family takes care of them while our neighbors are away.
Croats, especially in eastern parts of Croatia grow as we call them "brajda" in front of our houses.
Brajda is grapevine grown on wire trellis and it's usually grown out of just one or two trunks. My grandfather in Slavonija had a brajda that was made out of only one grapevine and was almost 10 meters long providing shade through whole porch.  Here in western Croatia brajda is made the similar way, but people plant more trunks to make them. Also vines are usually just a decorative wall and aren't used for shade but only to grow grapes. Brajda is made over the years and usually in 5th year it grows to full length and it's maintained in that way.

The advantage of having a brajda is that they take very little space and give more grapes out of one vine.
Our neighbors brajda is a perfect example of crowded brajda which is grown in western Croatia.
On 5 meters of wire there are 3 vines that grow up and cover the wires. Once they cover the last wire vines are chopped to the wire length to induce growth of side branches.

Our other neighbor has a more typical brajda with only 2 vines that cover the same length of wire that our other neighbor has.

This one is less thick, also since our neighbor hasn't been coming much brajda has now become a home to little birds.

Our brajda is very young. This is the second year we have it. Previous vine froze during one very strong winter so we had to get another vine.  Although it's still young and most branches are still new grown ones we still got a nice amount of grapes on it. In a month we should have our first grapes.



  1. A new thing for me. The grapevine is so lush and lovely with the fruits are hanging on the vine. I'm imagining how lovely...

    1. The ones that are made to look like a tunnel in front of the porch are even better. Especially when grapes start hanging off the top.

  2. That is lovely! I like the idea that it's like a fence but it provides food. Neat!

    1. And it takes less space :) If only we could grow vegetables that way :D


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