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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Transplanting time

Summer weather is continuing. Temperatures are constantly over 27°C and we haven't had any rain in over month. This end of the week should be rainy so I decided it would be a good idea to transplant some of my tomatoes to the garden. Only half of my tomatoes is ready for transplanting the rest of them are pretty small so they will wait another 10 days.
Together with my tomatoes I decided to plant my zucchinis and pumpkins.

This year I have some new pumpkin and zucchini varieties and they require more space so last fall I prepared a new bed inside my orchard. Even with new bed I had to give up sowing Black Futsu, Boston marrow and Triamble. This pumpkins I will sow next year when I make my bed bigger.

Once I got to my bed the fun begun. Well if you can call walking up and down the hill having fun. The orchard bed is on the lowest part of the yard and to get to it I have to walk down the hill through my whole garden. That's not so hard if you are going empty handed. But carrying things you need for planting not so easy.

And it's even harder if you are forgetful like I am. So in my first trip I took down seedlings and bucket of water, then I remembered that I need some manure and had to get back up to get it. And once I got all that down I realized that I will have to use my hands to dig because I forget my hoe. That meant another trip back up. By the time I got everything I needed I was tired of everything.

When the digging started things got even worse. Soil was as the concrete so I had to dig hard, I felt like I with one of the hits with hoe my brain will pop out of my head.
Then I felt something crawling up my legs and biting me...of course I stepped into an anthill. The little pests chewed up both my legs. While jumping and getting rid of the ants I rolled over my water bucket so now it was half empty and that meant I'd need to fill it up again..do I even have to say my water barrel is in the middle of the garden?
 By this time I was pretty much angry and got and incredible desire to fly all the way to Poland and suffocate Dewberry for sending me all this wonderful, pumpkin seeds. :D
When I finally started planting things just got to it's place and I was happy again. This year I will have whole bunch of delicious pumpkins. I planted
Tondo Chiaro Ni Nizza, Gagat scallopini, Baby boo pumpkin, Vegetable spaghetti pumpkin and Genovese zucchini. I'm still waiting for my Sweet dumpling and Miranda pumpkin. They were a bit too small.

Having a bed in the middle of the orchard brings out the weed control problem. I first planned to put a black foil under the soil to prevent it from growing on my bed but then I remembered our strawberry disaster few years ago and gave up that idea.
On a downhill garden all the water drains down the hill and placing the foil prevents the soil from getting directly wet from rain. In out dry summer climate that can be a real problem, especially to the zucchinis that like water. So I gave up that idea and decided I will place the foil around the bed to keep the weeds from spreading on the bed and the ones that are in it will eventually stop growing once my pumpkins cover the soil.

When I was done with my pumpkins I still had to plant my tomatoes, some corn and some cucumbers and it was already 7pm...it was going to be a long night.


  1. Ooo Leanan that was a long gardening day for you and no fun at all, but it was fun reading for me........all the troubles you had before you could get started with the real work. The ants crawling up your legs, biting, and you jumping around and falling over the bucket of water........ to bad, but I could not help laughing. I can imagine this very well because I have so many ants in the garden too and have sometimes the same problem.
    Wish you some rain, and also for myself, because it´s also very dry here.
    Despite the troubles, I wish you happy gardening!
    Greetings, Janneke

    1. Lol yes it certainly wasn't fun all that ant biting, but now it makes me giggle too. I will remember very well where that anthill was :D
      I think your wishes came through because we got nice rain. Now it's time for the clouds to get to you and bring the much needed rain to you too :)

  2. You deserve a good crop after all that. I once had one any run up my trouser legs biting all the way and that was bad enough! Weed control fabric would work for you as it lets water through.

    Do your outdoor tomatoes suffer from blight.

    1. We don't have weed control fabric here, I can only find fabric for professionals but that is sold in hundred meter length and that is way to much for me. We only have black foil and agro textile and both are water resistant.

      Yes we get blight but very rarely, maybe once in 5-10 years(last year we had bad blight). Usually if our summers are "normal" there is no blight because temperatures are over 35°C and rain comes once a month.


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