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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pepper planting

Although we're still in our frost date danger, after very cold spring May has started to look like summer is here. Morning temperatures are over 15°C and daily temperatures are reaching 30°C. In this conditions I decided that it's safe to transplant my peppers.
Usually I would wait until 15th but my peppers have grown very big and if I leave them too long they will start turning yellow.

This high temperatures are burning my peppers so after transplanting them they got a shade tent to keep them from getting burned. I improvised it with agro- textile and some sticks I collected from apple pruning. It should hold until the first rain and wind :)

I planted Tomato shaped pepper, Zlata, Violet bell and Soroksari. Since I'm not sure of their height they got their own little support nets like last year.

My chili peppers have been transplanted to the pots, depending on their size they each got their size pot...and in lack of pots some got old buckets and canisters.

From upper left: Habanero Burning bush, Black cuban, Tasmanian Black
                           Habanero chocolate, Explosive ember, Filius blue,
                           Piri piri(black bucket), Aji Lemon drop(blue)
                           Trinidad moruga scorpion, Naga Jolokia

Upper left to right: Zimbabwe black, Bhut jolokia, Naga morich,
                               Black namaqualand , Bishops crown, 7 pot white
                               Cayenne purple, Rawit red
                               Japaleño, Red basket of fire

 They also got textile protection against sun

For my Peter pepper I chose a special place in front of the house, easily visible from the street. I have a feeling my wee-wee pepper will be very interesting when it starts to have fruits :)

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