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Monday, May 18, 2015

Garden report- week 8

I decided to make some changes to my blog. I planned to do it from the beginning of the gardening year but my health issues kept me from realizing my ideas. Now that I feel a bit better I decided that it's time to bring the changes.
I thought about turning part of my posts in small herb/vegetable/flower encyclopedia. I'll be making posts about different varieties with all basic information, planting advices together with my opinions about each plant after testing it. I'll be posting only varieties I have personally tried to grow. My plan is to make a gardener help blog that will contain all necessary information for easy gardening. Everything in one place.

I've also thought instead writing posts about garden progress every couple of days, I'll make a weekly report of all my vegetables.

So today it's time for a weekly report of week 8. It would be logical to start from week 1 but since my first vegetables were sown 8 weeks ago I'll start with week 8.

Last week we got the rain we needed. Instead of one day we got whole weekend of rain, so now we are back on average rain amount. This rain made my vegetables double their size in just couple of days.

Peas have grown enough to cover them with more dirt. Soon they will start blooming.

Carrots are growing nicely...well part of them are growing and part is still hardly visible. I have 3 different varieties this year. "Deep purple" variety I'm growing for the first time so I'm hoping this poor growth is the result of slower growing variety and not bugs.

Onions were looking good until few days, now they started falling. Our onion fly is back.Few years ago I tried fighting it, then I stopped growing onions to get it out of my garden, but since my neighbor constantly grows them she just survives there. So now I just gave up. I sow more than usually and collect good ones.

This year I'm growing 2 varieties of vax beans.
Wonder of Piedmont is growing excellent with strong bushy plants.

Berggold is smaller and has grown less, also this were organic seeds and my bugs seem to love it. Around 30% has been eaten.

All potatoes are out and have been earthed up.

My seedlings have all survived, except one pepper I broke while I was planting it.
I removed pepper shade and now both sweet and chilli peppers are growing freely.

Tomatoes also look good, few were rolled by the wind but after tying them they are all back up and slowly growing.

This week I need to clean up my shallot beds, flower beds and if weather allows me I'll be transplanting my second round of tomato seedlings. 

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