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Saturday, April 18, 2015

seedling report

I haven't been blogging much lately because this year has killed my blogging joy. With latest health issues and bad weather I lost my will to write.
I was filled with new ideas at the beginning of the year but now they are slowly fading away.
While I was pruning my orchard in March I injured my foot and past month has been an everyday struggle. I have trouble walking and gardening. I'm in pain every day and my foot is still swollen. Right now of all my shoes I can wear only one pair.
To make my troubles even worse constant winds and cold made my garden a concrete plate that can't be softened in any way. After troubles with sowing peas and carrots, with help of my dad I managed to plant potatoes. This year soil was so bad we couldn't plant it in rows so instead we planted it "under hoe". We just lifted a lump of soil with hoe and placed potatoes under it.

I should be planting beans and corn but can't do anything until the soil softens a bit.

Unusually cold weather is making my seedling growing almost a nightmare. We did get few warm days with cold mornings and today we are back to cold, rainy and windy day. In my wooden greenhouse, covered with styrofoam and agrotextil temperature is only 9°C 

My tomatoes are far behind with growth and I can only hope they will be ready for transplanting when the time comes.

Peppers look a bit better but now I'm having trouble keeping them from freezing. I'm covering my greenhouses with blankets to keep them warm during the night.

I'm also struggling with flowers seedlings. I had to move them to my empty chicken coop to prevent wind damage.

The wind strength is visible from the fact that north wind tore up my plastic foil which resulted in pots full of water.

Pumpkins and watermelons are constantly moved in and out of the house, I'm trying to make them get as much sun as the can. Still they are growing very tall because there's not enough sun in the house and cold weather is keeping me from giving them full sun.

 The problem is visible on my Amaranths too, they look like they're drunk.

Not only plants are affected by this weather. My 2 pests(yes pests not a spelling error) are also unhappy. I have to constantly dry Gizmo, he likes to walk around in rain but hates being wet and then yelps around...

...and Nero, he doesn't get wet, he spends his days vegging on beds :) 

There's nothing left but to hope we'll get better days and times with more sun and less swollen feet :D


  1. Oh dear, I hope things pick up very soon.

    1. I hope to, well at least we're getting some warm weather now.

  2. I´m so sorry for you, you sound so sad. Let´s hope the weather change soon at your place, a bit of sun will cheer you up and......be careful with that swollen foot, running around with all those seedpots outside, inside and to the chickencoop does more harm then good I think. But I understand quite well you want to go on. Despite they are pests, I love your pets, haha.
    Take care and I wish you sunny and warm weather!

    1. Yes, it probably it does harm but I feel bad about leaving all my seedlings unattended.
      in Croatia we have a saying "I'll rest when I'm dead" :D

  3. Great seedlings! I haven't sow the seeds yet. No time, I think it's too late.

    1. It's not too late, you can sow them still. They will be a bit late but you will still get fruits.

  4. Sorry to hear you are not doing well. I hope the spring will sprung in your life, and makes it a bit more colourful.

    1. Thank you, I hope too. I miss all those spring/summer colours.


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