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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Keep calm and garden on

Past few days I've been thinking and I came to the conclusion that there's no point in moping around the house and that despite of the constant pain there's nothing else to do but keep calm and start working in the garden again.

I have to sow vegetables, dig beds, remove weeds and prolonging this won't bring me any less work.
So I decided to take it slow and do what has to be done.
Yesterday I managed to dig all my beds to remove weeds from them and prepare them for seedlings, I've sown part of my beans. It's warm enough for my Berggold and Wonder of Piedmont wax beans.

The rest of beans(Trešnjevac and 5 new varieties) will go to the shaded part of the garden and will wait for the soil to dry. Usually I've sown my beans around April 15th but my dad told me that there's no hurry. Old people in Croatia always waited for corn to germinate and then sow beans between corn, and since nobody has sown corn here yet I'll wait with my beans.

Today I've done lots of walking up and down the hill. Few weeks ago I brought all my poles to paint them with slaked lime. Now I had to take them back to the lower part of the yard and then to the garden. Not a very nice job when you can't walk properly. I had to wear my dads sneakers because I can't put on my garden shoes but with enough rest I managed to take and hammer them in less than 4 hours.

I've placed 80 poles and still need at least 10 or I will not have enough for all my tomatoes.

While I've been dragging poles around Nero and Gizmo were walking along like two little leeches.

 Nero is angry because he's not allowed in the garden until my peas and carrots get big enough.
Both just germinated and few clumsy paws would destroy it.

With today's work I've almost done everything that has to be done in April.

I still need my cucumber net and to clean my flower beds but that will have to wait till I recover from today.


  1. You did already so much work....., Nero and Gizmo could have helped you dragging the poles, haha. Take a rest till after the weekend, then you continue gardenwork fresh in May.

  2. Well done maybe mentally it will make you feel better,


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