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Monday, April 27, 2015

Finally blossoming

Orchard has finally started blossoming, this year it started almost 2 months later than last year.

First to show their flowers are early cherries and sour cherries. Again this year flowers are almost 4 meters from the ground so again I will have to shake them down...or leave all the fruits to the blackbirds.

Apples have lots of flowers this year, I hope all of them will give me fruits...or at least half of them.

Walnut tree

My new apricot Aurora survived this winter. One more year and maybe I'll get first fruits.

While I was walking around I noticed a blossoming tree outside the orchard.
From what I can see it could be an apple but still not sure. I will remember to watch it during summer, maybe there will be fruits to harvest.

Years ago there was another orchard behind mine but lately nobody is tending it and now it's filled with underbushes and nobody can go through it. Ever deer and roe avoid it so they made a path around my yard. Each day I see them walking on the path when they are moving from forest to the meadow to eat. Path is actually useful fro us too. We can walk through the woods without having to avoid trees and small shrubs :)

I'm still waiting for my quince and blackberries to wake up. I hope they will do it soon. It's so strange to see blossoming trees in beginning of May.


  1. wow, I can't wait to see a bountiful apples hanging on your apple trees!

  2. Our blossom is behind too and trees that usually flower at different times are all coming together. The quince had lots of buds,

  3. Also here the blossom is about 6 weeks behind in comparison with last year, but I have to say that last year all was very early.


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