2017 Harvest

Friday, November 28, 2014

I need a bigger garden

I've always loved having many vegetable and flower varieties in my garden. Each year I tried to collect more new seeds. This year I collected so many seeds for next year that I'm seriously worried I'll need a bigger garden for everything.
I've already bought around 40 new varieties of flowers and few days ago my seeds collection got even bigger.

This week I got a big package from Dewberry
We've decided to exchange our seeds. Again big Thank you for all this beautiful seeds ♥

I've got many new vegetable and flower varieties.
Tomatoes: White Tomesol, Violet Jasper, Slawa Nadrenii, Zloty Deszcz, Sakiewka, Pokusa, Saint Pierre, Olena Ukranian, Megaroniasty kozuli, Malinowy ozarowski, Malakhitovaya shkatulka, Koralik, Indigo rose, Green zebra, Coustralee

Brandywine Suddoth's Strain, Black cherry, Cherokee purple, Big rainbow, Ananas noire, Malinak, Aussie

Chili peppers: Poiri piri, Explosive ember, Rawit red, Bishop's crown, Aji lemon drop, Elephantormany, Tondo Calabrese, Peter pepper red, Naga Jolokia, Trinidad scorpion moruga red, Tondo, Bhut jolokia chocolate, Habanero burning bush, Naga morich, 7 pot white

 Zimbabwe black, Tasmanian black, Filius black, Black cuban, Cayenne purple, Black Namaqualand

Sweet peppers: Diamond white,Marconi purple, Violet Bell, Zlata, Tomato- shaped

Beans: Scarlet runner,  Piekny Jas, Orzel, Nigeria, Appaloosa, Red bean

Pumpkins: Gagat,  Boston Marrow, Sweet dumpling, Black futsu, Miranda, Zloto Wolicy, Tondo Chiaro Ni Nizza,  Vegetable spaghetti, Baby boo, Triamble, Citron cucumber

Cosmos  Sulphureus, Tagetes Fantastic, Tagetes Majestic, Coix Lacryma-jobi, Zinnia Fantazja, Rudbeckia, Rudbeckia double color, Cosmos double click

 Peas Bajka, Pearl Millet, Kalibos cabbage, Cyclanthera pedata, Physalis edulis, Mexican cucumber, Grenada ozarowska iceberg, Nero di Toscana kale, Okra, Scyscraper sunflower, Justyna butterhead

 Ola polka and Maskotka tomato, purple carrot, Opolanka radish, red basil, Aster, Borage, Carnations Mefisto, Pennie black, Viola Black King, Cupid's dart

All this new flowers almost doubled my seeds collections so now I have 273 seed bags. 172 vegetable varieties(61 Tomato and 45 pepper varieties) and 100 flower varieties.

 Seeds will be waiting for January when I'll slowly begin to sow chili peppers and tomatoes.
Next gardening year will be very busy.


  1. Wow, great gift. I will love too. Yes, I think you need bigger garden.

  2. That's an impressive amount of seeds

  3. Haha, I could not help laughing reading this, what an impressive amount of seed packets. I know you have already a big garden, but for all these seeds........ Moreover, it is so familiar to me, not so long ago I collected, bought and swapped seeds, like you do, and yes my garden got smaller and smaller to sow all these seeds, because trees, shrubs and perennials are growing there too. Nowadays, I buy a few new seeds every year, but I have to restrain myself
    because I love it.

  4. I'm so happy that you like the seeds! :D They in fact look impressive :D I wish you great harvests :*


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