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Monday, November 24, 2014

Garden in November

November in my garden is very sad. Vegetable garden is deep digged and now waiting for the snow to cover it.

There's no more live colors. Everything is gray, brown or black.
Even mushrooms aren't coloring the woods anymore. There's no more pretty parasol mushrooms. Just a few Magpie fungus are resisting the cold.

The only things that are still showing color is grass and ivy that is hugging trees.
In my last walk with Nero I discovered a very strange tree in our forest. From distance it looked really weird.

At first I thought is was some kind of old tree that got it's branches broken. But when I got close I saw it was just a normal tree caped with ivy.

This ivy has been growing very long. It made a small bole. Even my Nero was interested in this new tree.

Soon most of the soil will be covered in snow and ice so we're using the last few days of cold and dry weather to take walks in meadows.

I was hoping I would be able to gather some dried plants for my Christmas decorations but since this year is so wet I didn't get many things. I guess this year I will have to use some dried plants from last year and just improvise.


  1. Yes, you're right. That tree looks so strange at the first. I hope you have a nice weather this week.

  2. The tree looks a bit like a person with arms stretched out and spiky hair


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