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Friday, September 5, 2014

Where's Nero?

Rainy days are affecting Nero too. He misses our daily long walks.  That is why he was very excited even when the rain stopped for 5 minutes.

These past few weeks we spent most of our walks in the woods. Late August and September are mushroom picking months.
Nero likes our walks, he likes discovering new places, going up and down the hills, jumping over the creeks. His bad eyesight doesn't affect his playfulness. Yes, he trips over fallen logs and falls a few times but it doesn't seem to bother him too much.

Our walks start on a very steep hill where he always walks by my side. I don't like keeping him on the leash but here it's absolutely necessary.  We had few occasions where he would fall down if I wasn't there to prevent it.

After we get down to the valley he is free. Most of the times he is just few meters from me sniffing deer traces.

Or he goes swimming in the creek.

Creek is filled with water so he enjoys running up and down the water.

Nero is very obedient dog. Usually when we take normal walks I talk to him. Yes it's crazy but that's what we crazy dog owners do. "Come to the left Nero", "Where should we go next?" , "Do you want to wash your feet Nero?". And he seems to understand me, I managed to teach him left and right side.  It facilitates our walks. Usually when I wanted to turn the other way I had to walk there and then call him to come. Now I just tell him which side to go to and he turns himself. But all my commands fail when I start searching for mushrooms. He hates it. I'm too slow and he protests. First he starts walking away from me trying to get my attention.

Are you coming or not?
He doesn't like being too far from me so he gives me another chance and sits on the path waiting for me.

Will you stop taking photos? Come on, walk!
That's it, I'm out of here.
 He just leaves me and then the game "Where's Nero" begins. I look for him, I call him but he doesn't care. He hides from me. The funniest thing is that he is always close, he just hides behind trees and thinks I can't spot him.

Between two trees.
Big black dot in the middle of photo.
Can you find me?
How about now :)
Bet you can't see me now :)
 And this game continues all the way home. Every time I stop to take a photo or pick a mushroom he runs and hides. Then I start yelling "Where's Nero", he stands without moving. I look around acting that I don't see him, after few seconds I yell "there you are", he looks at me wiggles his tail and runs away.

Although he doesn't like me paying attention to anything but him he seems to like this game. So we play it every single time.

She'll just never learn :)

More on mushrooms in part 2 :)


  1. I can see that Nero is really enjoying these walks with you :) He plays hide and seek and he swims in a creek. Dogs are very sociable animals and they love going for a walk :)


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