2017 Harvest

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fruit harvest

After busy Monday I decided to use sunny day on Tuesday to collect our apples and quinces. Apples started falling down because of all this rain we are having.
This year we had a decent harvest.

Idared apples were the most affected with all the rain and cold weather. they have spots and are falling before ripening.

I haven't harvested all our quinces. I just got 1/3 of all fruits. The rest can still stay on the tree. Every year we have massive quince harvest. They seem to like our orchard. Every year there are so many fruits that branches often burst under the weight of fruits.

I can't be sure how many kilos of fruits I got but they will be all used. Some of them will be for juice, some for jam and smallest ones will be food for my bunnies.


  1. We haven'y harvested quince yet and the small tree is loaded, Last year all the fruit had bitterpit which I am hoping to have avoided this year

  2. Wow! That's a really nice harvest :) I can imagine the taste of the delicious juice you will make from these apples.
    We have only one apple tree, an old one. A few days ago my mom announced that we should get rid of it because it casts a shadow on her flowers ;)

  3. Amazing! That's really great harvest. A real fruity day!


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