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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Collecting seeds

This year seed drying and collecting has been extremely difficult.
I already lost 5 varieties of lettuce because of the constant rain. That is why I started collecting seeds as soon as they start drying and I'm drying them at home.
Sunny days I use for drying my seeds outside and the rest of the days I dry them in house.

Last week I have collected millet so now it's time to dry it. Broom parts are drying outside and seeds are drying in the dark corner inside the house.

 I have to improvise new drying places so now I'm drying my small seed boxes on top of the range hood.

Right now I'm drying some Ipomea seeds and watermelons.

To dry my beans and big amounts of seeds I'm using my kitchen fan. It provides constant air circulation so my bean pods dry faster.

 So far I managed to collect few flower seeds (Tagetes, Ipomea, Gaillardia, Burning love, Cosmos fizzy, Sweet pea, Wallflower, Purple toadflax. Dame's rocket, Double poppy and Sweet William catchfly) and some tomato seeds ( Croatian hollow, Oregon spring, Giant Belgium, Viva Italia, Rio grande, Tiny Tim and Balcony yellow) I keep my freshly dried seeds in paper bags until spring and then after sowing I move leftover seeds to zip bags.

I've also started buying my new seeds earlier this year. Usually I bought them in January.The problem is that in January I can only get leftover seeds. Now when seeds are fresh there are many varieties. I already bought many new flowers, herbs and vegetables.

I bought: Craspedia, Butterfly flower, Cosmos Sheashell and Red(for Dewberry), Cypress vine, Gazania, Robinson daisy

Statice, 5 spots, Dense blazing star, Shasta daisy, Wild bergamot, Calendula mix

African daisy, Gypsophila, Lupine Pixie, Bidens and Sunflowers (Teddy bear and low-growing)

Peppermint, Cucumber hedgehog, Mibuna, lettuce Arctic king, Wakefield cabbages and Amaranth(edible and tricolor)

And some new tomatoes: Goose eggs, Mona Lisa, Kuma, Kumato and German strawberry

I still plan to buy some new pepper and cucumber varieties...and maybe some flowers. With all these new seeds I'll need a new bigger garden :D


  1. I love this post, you are such a keen gardener and collecting so many seeds from your garden. I also collect flower seeds from the garden but only small quantities. When I see your quantities my eyes open wide, are you going to provide the whole village with seeds? I am just joking, I know you have a big garden.

    1. Lol I wouldn't have enough for whole village, only half would get them :D I always collect little more seeds just in case I won't be able to collect them next year. Before I collected only few to have for next planting and I lost some of my varieties, so now the more the merrier :D

  2. Hmmm... if I have a wide garden, I will grow a lot of variety of plants like yours. I always collect seeds from my garden and buy some varieties of seeds that I can't produce my self.

    1. Don't worry, even with big garden we still cant produce seeds from every plant. I can't collect most of my bean varieties, beets, cabbages, kale. For some plants it's better to buy seeds than collect them.

  3. It's a great collection of seeds :)
    I'm very grateful that you found and bought for me these cosmoses :* I hope you'll be happy when you get the seeds from me :) I'll have a few surprises for you!

    ps. Do you eat millet? I like proso millet, it's very tasty.


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