2017 Harvest

Friday, August 29, 2014

Race with weather

 Autumn is already here. 2 months too soon. It's raining almost every day. The amount of rain this month has been 130mm. Morning temperatures are below 10°C and daily temperatures are around 20°C.

This is making me change my gardening habits. I'm used to being the garden every day. Now I'm happy if I can get in the garden once a week.

Because of this my garden is filled with weeds. 

All this rain also destroyed my chances of second tomato blooming. All of my tomatoes are almost over.

I'm still harvesting some of my tomatoes as soon as they start turning red. When the soil gets stiff enough I'll be pulling out my tomatoes.

I also had to harvest my beans earlier. My beans were rolled on the floor and now the ones that are touching the ground are rotting(Botrytis cinerea).

This is why I harvested all my Trešnjevac beans. I still have some Slavonian old variety beans that aren't still ready for harvest but I'll have to harvest it soon if rain continues.

The rain ruined my lettuce seeds. I left many lettuce stalks to collect seeds but rain and wind already did that job. Many stalks  have rotten and the ones that were good already seeded themselves.

To much rain is causing my cabbages to burst so I collected my 3 cabbages.

 Since the temperature is below 10°C my peppers have stopped growing so I collected all good peppers. I also had some reddish tomatoes that will ripe on the sun in my front yard. Now I have enough vegetables to make sour mixed salad for winter.

I have also collected my broom millet. I'll collect seeds and dry them for next year and with millet I'll make myself a new broom.

I just love little brooms.


  1. It sounds like the summer is over with such low temperatures. But saying that, we have had some cold and rainy days for few weeks and the forecast states that there will be sun and over 20'! So don't loose your hope, Leanne!
    I am still waiting for my tomatoes-haven't harvested any yet!!!
    Your crop of beans look like a good one! Peppers also look good-mine stopped growing,but as you mentioned, it maybe the cold.
    I bet the winter salad will be yummy!

    1. Parts of Croatia still have temperatures over 25°C but here it's cold and rainy. I'm thinking of cleaning my garden and starting with deep digging.

  2. I'm still hoping that summer returns for a little longer.

    1. Your forecast is not so bad for next week. You might get some warm days.

  3. First photo of the dark skies is amazing. So sorry for your tomatoe harvest, I remembered you had so many beautiful seedlings. Hope for you and me we still get some nice and warm days. 10 degr. C. Is really too cold for the time of year.

    1. First photo was the beginning of thunderstorm we had last week. I'm starting to believe there will be no more warm days. It' has been raining for past 3 days without stopping.

  4. The same is here, in Poland. In fact, it's not raining in my area, but it's quite cold, and early mornings remind me of late autumn, it's really chilling outside.
    I hope that summer will yet return :)


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