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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cosmos fizzy mix

                                         Cosmos fizzy formula mixture
                                            (Kozmos, Mexican aster)

 This spring I bought Cosmos fizzy mix. A mix of regular cosmoses and "fizzy variety".

Cosmos is Mexican native plant that belongs to family of Asteraceae. Over the centuries it spreaded all over the world. This plant was in our granny's cottage garden for many years ago.
Cosmos is annual half-hardy plant that in good conditions can self-sow for several years giving the impression of a perennial plant.Height of cosmos plants varies from 0,60m to 2m. Height depends on variety of cosmos and weather and soil conditions. It can come in almost every color, they can be double-colored, with simple flowers, double flowers or  they can be picoteed.
Cosmos can be attacked by aphids and since they don't like too much moist it's possible they get infected with gray mold or powdery mildew.

Fizzy formula mix is cultivated variety of a herbaceous plant Cosmos Bipinnatus(garden cosmos).

Mix contains simple "regular" shaped flowers and flowers with fizzy picoteed petals. 
Leaves are also simple, pinnate and very delicate.

Sowing cosmoses depends on hardiness zone. Fizzy mix can be planted outside only after the danger of frost has passed(in my case middle of May). To germinate plant needs 7-14 days and need temperature of 24°C. That is way I plant my cosmoses in pots in early April (4-6 weeks before transplanting them outside). They are kept in frost free environment  in greenhouse. In beginning of May I start accustoming them to our normal weather conditions. They spend every day outside and nights in greenhouse. Few days before transplanting pots stay outside overnight and then they are transplanted to the garden.
Fizzy cosmoses like sunny beds, with well drained soil. They don't like too much rain or their leaves start rotting. They also don't like drought, plants starts drying.

Fizzy cosmoses usually grow from 60-90cm. I wrote usually because my cosmoses grew 1,3m and some of the flowers go another 10-20cm higher.
This plant is very delicate so it doesn't tolerate wind.The best way to keep them from getting damages is sowing them in groups. Sometimes when winds are too strong even this is not enough so I had to place support poles to keep them from falling down.

First flowers blossom 60 days from sowing. They bloom from early summer till fate fall and first frost. Flowers can be used for bouquets, or left to brighten our gardens. To prolong flower season remove dead flowers.

If you want to collect seeds let them dry.
To collect seeds leave flowers to completely dry, loose petals and turn brown. Pull the seed heads off and place them on a seed drying rack. If you don't have one place them on a tray with paper towel to prevent water condensation. Leave flower heads on tray for few days to completely dry. When they dry separate small brown/black seed pods from the rest of the flower head.
Store seeds in paper bags till next year. Only when seeds are completely dry they can be moved to plastic zip bags.


  1. They are so beautiful. Love the color and pattern. This version is so difficult to be grown on our hot climate. We only find it on the highland with the cool weather.

    1. I guess all our flowers can't be grow in your climate and I can't grow your flowers.

  2. I grow cosmos from seed every year but don;t collect the seed, Do the seeds come true to the flower collected from or do they cross pollinate?

    1. They don't cross pollinate. Seeds from one flower give only that color next year.

    2. I had a plan 2 years ago, to collect only those white ones. I started collecting them, then some of the pink flowers seeds fell into the bag with whites.. and I gave up the idea :) But still... I think I'm gonna try next year. White cosmoses only must look wonderful! :)

  3. You have a lovely variety of Cosmos. I grow them too from seed I collected from my own plants but in the meantime they are all of the same pink colour and a few white ones.

    1. I bought a mix so that's why I have many colors. but next year I'll also have only few colors since I couldn't collect all my colors.

  4. These fizzy cosmoses look very interesting, I've never seen such combination :)


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