2017 Harvest

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August harvest

Despite the fact that our weather looking more like middle of October I'm still harvesting.
My harvests are a bit different but still good.
For example in normal years my carrots aren't ready till late fall. And this year this is second carrot harvest.
It seems I'll have to harvest 2 more times to get all my carrots. Another thing is that this year carrots burst from too much rain.

This time I harvested 4 kilos of carrot roots. Of course every root has it's leaves but this will be a treat for my bunnies and not me. My bunnies will also get some forage kale. I also harvested 4,7 kilos of tomatoes. They still haven't ripened. But I collect them anyway to prevent them from getting blight and from ending in my orchard (downhill garden everything that falls ends in orchard).

So far I'm having good tomato harvests. I harvested 15 kilos so far. my problem will be second tomato harvest. Or better said as it looks I will not have a second harvest. All my new flowers were eaten by blight so I have no new tomatoes. Only the ones that were already there before blight.

My cucumbers have started growing. I'm harvesting my first fruits. This was my biggest harvest so far 1,3 kilos. My cucumbers are also stuggling with our weather. I have millions of flowers on my plants but instead of making fruits they fall down.

This year even my beans have to much moist. I had to pull out all of them. There is too much water in soil and pods started rotting. I got last 0,7 kilos of beans, together with 3,7 kilos from previous two harvests I got 4,5 kilos of roman beans.

 I also got some parsley leaves. But only leaves. I haven't managed to grow decent parsley root in years.
Blackberries seem to have stopped ripening. My net if filled with red blackberries but every couple of days I harvest only 1 kilo. By this time in normal years my blackberry harvesting is already over.
Peppers seem to like this weather. I got another 1 kilo.

I don't really know what will happen with my harvests this year. It could end up being a good year. Except for tomatoes.


  1. That's an impressive harvest. Great job!

  2. Wow... great harvest! So bountiful! My first carrot was similar with yours, but mine was smaller, strange shape.

  3. Our carrots certainly won;t be suffering from too much rain - More the opposite the ground is really dry.

  4. nice blog i found you true other bloggers
    will visit more...blessings

  5. Wow! I admire your harvests! Your garden seems to produce like crazy :)
    Mine is a bit lazy but at least I have glut of courgettes and beans.


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