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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Still no sign of summer

This is going to be a difficult year for us gardeners. It seems we will not have a normal summer. Every couple of days we get thunderstorms with heavy rain. We aren't used to this amount of rain and it's starting to cause problems.

Two days ago we had another 70 liters of rain in just 2 hours. Soil is soaked and this is affecting my vegetables.
From the beginning of April I'm struggling with my cucumbers. First I couldn't sow them because the mornings were too cold, then they didn't germinate so I sowed them again. Then only small amount of seeds germinated and since we had cold mornings they just stood there not growing. This is why we decided to sow them again only this time in pots so we would be sure they germinate in shortest possible time. Today was the time to transplant them to the garden.

I don't have to worry about watering them since apparently we will get another 50-80 liters of rain tomorrow.
After 2 months my cucumber net is finally filling up with cucumbers. And to think that this time last year I was already harvesting my first cucumbers.

This weather is also bothering my tomatoes. So today I had to do another pruning.  This one wasn't planed since I removed all unnecessary suckers 2 weeks ago. The reason for this pruning is that my tomatoes are starting to show early signs of late blight. All the rain and cold weather brought it first to my potatoes and now on my tomatoes too. Potatoes will be harvested soon so there is no damage from it but tomatoes still need to grow at least 2 months and this could turn into a big problem. This is why today I removed from my tomatoes all leaves that had little spots on them, or were tuning yellow or drying. When I finished with all of them there was a big pile of sick leaves.

This will do some serious fruit lose on my determinant varieties since they shouldn't be pruned. But it's the only way of trying to eliminate late blight.
Also my tomatoes are still a bit small fro this time of the year. They should already be as tall as my poles are and they still haven't reached them.

The good thing is that for now green fruits look healthy. They don't have any spots or rotten parts. We'll see if they will stay this way.

 Again I have weird peppers this year. I always buy the same seeds- Botinečka yellow. Croatian variety of tomato pepper that is yellow from the start and later turns red. Time I bought seeds from other seed company cause the ones I had last year turned to be everything but tomato peppers. And unbelievable as it sounds IT HAPPENED AGAIN.

Again I got green peppers that have nothing to do with yellow tomato pepper. I have no idea what is going on but I think that next year I'll sow some other variety.

This rainy days also prolonged my blackberry ripening time. My early variety came 2 weeks later than it usually does. Today I had my frist real blackberry harvest. 

I can say that I don't really worry about them. Yes they came a bit later but my net if bursting with red fruits and I'm sure that we will have big harvest this year.

Another thing that is thriving this year are my carrots. I was shocked when I saw that bugs didn't eat them. They ate all my parsley but carrots are intact.
I'm starting with my first carrot harvests to thin out the amount and get big carrots for the fall. Even though the ones I pulled out look great too.

So I guess this year my garden is giving me yin yang game. Some of my vegetables are good some bad and in the end we'll see which side will win.


  1. The same here in POland, a lot of rain, no sun, but it's forecast that the heat wave is coming :) I can't wait!

  2. We are not suffering as much as you although we have had lots of rain. Some of our potatoes got blight really early this year,


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