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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Losing a battle

Our weather didn't get any better this past week. Actually it got worse. Temperatures are below 30°C, humidity is almost 100%, we even had fog today and tomatoes are getting worse every day.
So far we managed to keep the blight from spreading on stems and fruits but after this week and everyday rain tomatoes are starting to lose this battle.

We tried all natural remedies, removing leaves, we spayed with copper, synthetic fungicides and nothing works. Our last hope is combined fungicide which we got but still haven't had a chance to spray. We can't get 3 hours without rain to spray. Showers are so frequent that rain chased me from the garden 2 times yesterday. And I was working only 2 hours.

Right now I have only 3 healthy varieties Marmande, Rio Grande and my balcony tomatoes.

Marmande is a bit to short this year. It should be a lot taller and new flowers have been drying but right now it's stem and leaves aren't showing signs of blight.

Rio Grande was showing signs of blight on leaves so I removed some of them and after spraying this signs stopped spreading so now it's healthy. Rio grande will also be my biggest tomato harvest this year. All fruits are healthy for now and there is big amount of them on every plant.

My balcony yellow tomato and Tiny Tim are only ones that didn't have any signs of blight. Tiny Tim is highly resistant to blight, and even though I have no information about balcony yellow I guess it's also resistant. They produce high amounts of fruits this year.

Other tomatoes are getting worse every day.
Costoluto Genovese was healthy few days ago but now it's starting on them too. Some plants are still doing ok and others have already lost most of their leaves.

The same is with almost all my tomato varieties. I cut down all the sick leaves and so far stems are doing good.

The worst affected varieties are Black Krim which was healthy for a very long time and now it got devastated in just few days. I had to remove all the leaves and now I only have fruits on stems.

I also lost one variety. Napoli tomato got too affected and there was no way to save it. Stems got rotten and fruits fell off. There was nothing left to do but to either pull the whole plant out or cut whole plant and leave healthy part. We decided for option number 2.

 Plant is still here but it's cut all the way. If weather gets any better maybe it will start producing leaves again and I'll have some tomatoes in September.

We never had so many rainy days in July. So far 15 days were rainy. If we add next 3 day when the amounts of rain expected are enormous that will be 18 days of rain in this July.

This is affecting mushroom picking season too. Usually there are no mushrooms in this part of Croatia till late August and now mushroom season has already started.
I found this beauty (Boletus edulis) yesterday while I was taking Nero to our usual walk.

After a few more minutes I found more.  At least there is some joy in this crazy rain.


  1. We have had it hot (for us )and dry so things are completing their life cycles quicker than usual.

  2. Leanan, you know, I already lost all my tomatoes :( I was spraying with herbal mixtures, at the beginning tomatoes were beautiful, I've never had so beautiful tomatoes before, but after rainy days they started to look worse and worse. I was cutting infected leaves and spraying. Unfortunately, early blight attacked all plants, I sprayed with fungicide, it didn't help.
    As a result, we burnt the plants :(
    I will post about it today or tomorrow.
    I hope your plants will get better!

  3. It looks like we all have tomatoe crisis! I haven't harvested any yet! The mushrooms are looking good though :)


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