2017 Harvest

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm harvesting

In normal years when I say I'm harvesting in July it usually means I'm digging up potatoes or collecting tomatoes...but not this year.
Weird weather still continues. We had another cold and rainy (120l) week with temperatures below 20°C. 

It doesn't seem weird but we are Mediterranean country with summer temperatures over 30°C, with rain amount in July close to 0 liters. We have vegetables that suffer from heat and need sun protection. We are not a country with everyday rain. And certainly not a country where weird mushrooms grow together with vegetables.

This rainy weather is also affecting my harvests. I still haven't decided if it is in a good or bad way.
I went searching for old photos and I found one from 12th July last year.
That day I harvested nice amount of blackberries, few carrots,a zucchini, few peppers and first tomatoes.

This year my harvest is a bit different:

 I got 2.3kg (81oz) of beans, 1.6 kg (56oz) of peppers, 2.7kg (95oz) of blackberries, 3.6kg (126oz) of potatoes, 3,3kg (116oz) of carrots and some onions.

My beans grow better than in last 10 years. I'm getting large amounts of beans.
Right now I'm harvesting Berggold and Wonder of Piedmont
Wonder of Piedmont

My Trešnjevac kidney beans still need at least one month of time to ripe.

Peppers also grow like mad, I should say that I definitely didn't get what I bought. I bought Botinečka yellow pepper that should look like this:

Photo is not mine. It's from www.sadnice.eu as an example

My peppers that grew out of AgroBonus seed bag are not yellow, or small and round. They look like this:

Yes there are lots of peppers and they are healthy but this is not what I bought. Somebody is playing with this variety for last two years, and from what I heard I'm not the only one that didn't get the right pepper variety.

My harvest also contained 3 kilos of carrots. Now that is something none of us expected. I usually sow carrots very thick and then through whole summer I harvest only few pieces a week. Just to have enough for cooking. My first real carrot harvest is in October when I get all of them out and store them for winter.
This year I had to have my first harvest now. The reason is that they are growing unbelievably quick and big.

 They like this cold and rainy weather and I had to harvest some of them to make room for other little carrots that still have to grow. If this continues I think I'll have another harvest in August and then final harvest in October. Today's harvest is only 1/10 of all my growing carrots.

So why do I complain about the weather?

Every normal person would say that this is a great harvest, and don't get me wrong it really is a great harvest.
But I can not help but notice that my vegetables that love our hot summers are suffering.

My watermelons grow, make flowers but when it's time to make little melons they just stop.

Corn has ears but it's only 50cm tall I'm afraid one stronger wind will break ears off.

Or it will roll it on the floor like this week rain did with my millet

The biggest issue with this rain is my tomatoes. Tomatoes hate low temperatures and rainy weather. They get blight.
And like I said before my already have it.

I tried stopping it by removing all the sick leaves from my plants but with the weather we are having this doesn't help much, tried baking soda to stop it and nothing. So I had no other choice I sprayed my tomatoes with fungicide(Metalaxy). And the worst thing is that it seems that blight is still spreading. I'll see when new leaves grow if they are healthy or not.
If I don't stop it somehow I can say goodbye to my 160 seedlings of tomatoes, that is at least 100 kilos of tomatoes gone.

With all this rain weeds are also growing like mad, so my garden looks like a jungle now. A jungle which I can't clean since it's raining all the time.

I can only hope August will be warmer with less rain...oh crap I said that already in June.


  1. I am so sorry for all your tomatoes. I still remember when you got all the different seeds and at that time I thought you should go to the market this summer to sell tomatoes. In our country they almost don't grow outside, always to cold and wet, but I have plants in my greenhouse. The green pepper what was the wrong one, is very common here, our neighbour is growing them in huge glasshouses for export. Despite your strange weather you will not be starving with such a harvest, haha.

    1. This green pepper is also common here, it's good pepper. I'm just mad it's not what I wanted.
      Yes we will not be be starving. we'll have beans and carrots every day :D

  2. It's a good thing to grow crops that need different conditions as there is always them something that thrives.

    1. I grow everything that wants to grow here. Other crops just don't can't survive here.

  3. Whatever you've said, I think you have a great harvest. I love the peppers, look so fresh and so delicious. I'm so sorry about your tomatoes. This season, I have loosen so many pepper and squashes seedlings. I don't know how many time I've resowed the seeds. I hope the our weather become better forward. So I can see your real great harvest.

    1. I had the same problem with peppers last year. I sowed them many times and nothing. And this year I plant less and get lots of wrong peppers.

  4. Well despite everything you are still getting great harvests just of different things than you expected. My tomatoes aren't doing very well either

    1. It seems that this year is very bad for tomatoes all around the Europe. Maybe we'll get better weather next few months.


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