2017 Harvest

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Baby bunnies

Remember this little girl?

2 years ago we had little bunnies and after unbearable heats only one baby bunny survived. To keep it safe we took it in the house and kept it with us in air conditioned room.

Now this baby girl is all big

and has it's own babies. Here are our new furballs

Nero looks after them, and tries to kiss them all the time. poor guy doesn't understand why they run away from him when he puts his huge head inside their cage.

 This week there isn't much work in the garden except for the usual weeding. Well at least I though so. Yesterday I went to the garden only with my hoe and weed bucket to clean bean bed.
When I started cleaning I've seen that I'll have a surprise harvest. I brought home a bucket filled with fruits.

I brought home 3,4kilos (7,7 lbs) of potatoes

600g (1,3lb) of beans,
2,5kg (5,5lb) of blackberries
few carrots and shallots



  1. Great harvest! so lovely... And the bunnies are so pretty!

    1. Thank you, bunnies are little delights

  2. I'm guessing dad was white. Will you keep them all?

    1. Dad is white with brown spots. For now we are keeping all of them.


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