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Friday, June 6, 2014

Poor pea harvest

Like I said before this year my pea harvest will be very poor. Today I decided to see if there will be some pea pods or everything is lost.
My American wonder peas are still alive, there are some flowers on them, pea pods are here and they only need to ripe.
The story with Rondo peas is completely different.
Some of my Rondo peas are already ready for harvest. This confirms my suspicions that April was too warm for my peas. This first harvest came 25 days earlier than last year. Also this harvest is very very poor.
I got only few pods.

I hoping that in one of my two rows there will still be some fruits. Pods look ok and there are still some flowers.

The row that is in sun whole day damage is 100%. There are no pods, peas aren't blooming and leaves are completely dry.

I decided to pull out all of them. There is really no reason to keep them here, instead of them I'll plant more beans. Maybe they will like this warm weather more than my peas did.

Even with this peas disaster I was still happy when I finished my harvest day. I got some fresh juicy red currants.

They also came few days earlier but there is no harm in that. I got a nice bowl of red currants. I will store them till I get some blackberries and raspberries. Red currants will be great for my berry juice.


  1. Our peas aren't even at the flowering stage yet. As for the redcurrants I think lots of the fruits have been knocked off in the heavy rain so don't expcet as good a harvest this year.

    1. Your climate is wonderful for peas. Here peas suffer and we have to be very luck to get good temperatures to have a good harvest.

  2. Oh, you're harvesting. Can't wait until mine are fine! I fell sorry for you that you're not happy with your fruits because I know how hard we work and how hard we wait!
    All the best from Austria

    1. I'm really getting used to feel bad about some of my plants. Every year we have some vegetables that thrive and some that disappoint us.


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