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Friday, June 27, 2014

June flowers

This June has been very rainy and my flowers love it. Last year I planted lots of new flower seedlings and they are slowly growing and giving me first flowers. So now I have new:

Echinacea angustifolia

Gaillardia pulchella

One Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) was planted 3 years ago and this year we 6 big bushes of new sages.

There are also some annual plants:
Sweet pea
Corncockle(Agrostemma githago)
Dwarf Morning glory(Convolvulus tricolor)
Blue morning glory

I can't show photos of Ipomea without showing the progress of my Ipomea wall. It's growing like mad. It seems to like it's barrel. A week ago it was still covering the window and it had only pale pink flowers.

This week I had to make it new nets for climbing so he could cover the rest of the wall.

Since we had floods there is enormous amount of mosquitoes this year so I had to install a thick drape. Luckily my window frame is made out from wood so I just used thumbtacks to cover the window with drape.

Now I can have my window opened whole night. I found another great thing about my Ipomea wall. I can have my window opened even when it's raining. Leaves are big enough to prevent rain from falling inside the house.

There are also starting to appear flowers in different colors. So now I have blue and purple ones too.

I also have new roses. Well actually I have 3 identical new roses.
Last year my mum got a pot of mini red roses and she replanted them to the garden.
We thought since they are small they will stay small and they would look good with the rest of the flowers.
Well...they look good. But they aren't small...or bushy...or red

 Out of that 3 mini red roses that where in the pot grew 3 normal sized pink roses.

Flowers are normal size and smell beautiful.
Maybe it's not what we wanted but it's still pretty.

Talking about pink there is another pink flower in my garden that should have been blue.
Few years ago we planted our Hydrangea in the shady part of the garden. Since I'm crazy about blue and purple colors I wanted it to be blue. So we listened to stories that were told in gardening groups how Hydrangea will turn blue if you put something made out of iron next to it. Well we planted it in iron barrel(there can't be too much iron right). Well guess what...it didn't work. It's still pink.

 But it seems to like it here. Flower heads are the size of a grown mans hand and there are dozens of them.

Another pink flower in my garden is Lupinus.

Although it's pale pink and I wanted purple one I'm really proud of him. The reason is simple. This is the first Lupine we managed to grow in our garden.
We tried with seedlings. They never survived winter, now we tried growing our own lupine from seed. We sowed them in full sun, part-sun, shade, in clay, sand, in dry places, in moist places and nothing. We always had the same result. They would grow few leaves and then just stop.

This year we were lucky. One of the 2 Lupines is doing great. It's growing and has flowers(the pink one). He is in full shade and in moist soil.
The other one is smaller but it's alive and growing. And this one is in full sun and dry soil.

So I still have no idea why my Lupines are so moody. I have to say that I haven't seen them in any garden in our city so maybe they just don't like it here. Let's hope this ones will survive even if they make my garden into a pink Barbie garden. 


  1. I was already thinking about your Ipomea window and there it is, it turned out great, such a magnificent idea, it keeps your room cool, you can leave your window open even when it´s raining and you get flowers moreover, wonderful. I love blue Hydrangeas too, but they always turn to blue after one or two years. I also stopped fertilizing with iron sulphat for you have to repeat it on and on. We have perfect Hydrangea soil, rather acid but not enough iron to make or keep them blue. I think these ´mini´ roses have grown into beauties.

    1. Oh so Hydrangeas need iron and acid to be blue. Ok then I'll stop trying. My soil is so alkaline even my blueberry died after only 2 months. I guess I'll have the pink ones then :D

    2. I am sorry but iron wont influence flower color, but leaf color into darker green.
      Hydrangeas need acid dirt to be able to use iron. That is one of the main reason why it is in a form of sulphates.
      If you want to turn flower color into blue you have to use (besides iron which is good for nice green leaves) aluminium salts.
      For example aluminum sulfate. For more info you can try this link:
      But my personal opinion is - color is nice but be careful with adding metals in the soil even more if edible part of garden is near by.
      Experiment rather with poted plants. Good luck.

  2. I love your green curtain! It's great!

    1. Thank you :) As long as it keeps me cool I'm happy.

  3. I read aluminium is what changes a pink hydrangea to blue. I am trying morning glory this year but at the moment they are still quite small.

    1. Morning glory needs very high morning temperatures to grow. As soon as the summer gets warmer they will thrive.

  4. Lovely garden! So beautiful! All hardworks have paid when all plants grow so well, and get blooming and then fruiting. I like your rose, beautiful. Great job!
    Happy gardening!

    1. Thank you. It's a difficult year but we are struggling to survive.

  5. Leanan, what an abundance!!! So beautiful. I love morning glories and your salvia is fantastic!!!
    All my best

    1. Thank you Elisabeth!
      Morning glories are my favorites. I never knew that something that is almost a weed can be so useful and beautiful.


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