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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wind protection

Last week I have planted half of our tomato and pepper seedlings. I decided to plant only half of them just as a test to see if they will survive this next 15 days.

As I thought this week has been a real test for our seedlings. Last week we had strong wind again. That's why yesterday I had lots of work in the garden.
All my seedlings were rolled on the soil by wind.
That's why I had to tie them up before we get more wind tomorrow.

I also had to do something with my peppers. They got too big in the house so now they are too tall and fell on the floor.

I decided to make small nets for peppers. Luckily I left some tree twigs from apple pruning.

I managed to make some strong improvised nets. Peppers are now secure and can't break when another strong wind hits.

Next week if weather calms down a bit I will plant the rest of the seedlings outside.

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  1. We've had strong winds too - not what you need at this time of year.


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