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Friday, May 23, 2014


After all the rain we got our grass is growing like mad. This means I had to take my fateful friend and start working.

Noup not this friend. I had to take my scythe.

The trimmer and mower we have are too big for me so I'm cleaning my orchard old fashion way. I'm thinking about buying a small electric mower. This will require some researching before buying one because I need one that will be strong enough for my steep orchard and at the same time light enough for me to pull it around my orchard.

While I don't buy a mower I need at least 2-3 days to clean my orchard. Today I scythed half of the orchard. I use all the grass to make hay for my bunnies. Lower part of the orchard has bigger trees and this makes it really difficult to dry grass.

That's why I started drying hay in my front yard. Once I dry this one I will start scything the rest of my orchard.

This year wasn't good for my peas. We got too warm weather in March and my peas didn't grow like they should. They stayed too small and bloomed too soon.

up: last year/down: this year peas
Now we have too high temperatures and now my peas started to dry and turn yellow.

Last years my peas started turning yellow in late June. This means they started drying a month too soon.

At least my roses started blooming and adding color to my garden.

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  1. It's a shame about the peas as they are so delicious. Scything is really hard work so I hope you soon find a suitable mower.


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