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Friday, May 16, 2014

Horrific 48h

Last 48 hours have been really horrific. Two days ago we got a red warning about strong winds over 70km/h (19m/s).

We gathered all our pots, secured all our plants and waited.
Winds started over the night and went increasing whole morning. By the middle of the day wind was over 50km/h(14m/s) and with gusts of 100km/h(27m/s).
This kind of wind is normal on our coast, but not in central Croatia.
It brought lots of damage in Zagreb, mostly on trees and old buildings.

Luckily we are on a hill and rain that was falling this past week and last few days didn't do any damage. But the rest of Balkans including Eastern Croatia weren't as lucky as us.

Eastern Croatia is flooded. Our biggest river Sava is very high and there is no room for other rivers and creeks so now they are flooding, subterranean waters are also out so they are making things even worse.

Photos of the floods aren't mine.

Things in our neighbor countries are even worse than here. There is lots of flooded cities, landslides have activated, bridges have been ripped out and taken away by the river.

Bosnia & Herzegovina


Today things in my village are looking better. It's still raining but wind is now weaker 8m/s(30km/h). I took Nero for a walk around to see if there is damage but luckily I haven't seen any. I guess all the winter wind already broke all weak and dry trees so the rest of them can survive wind.

My garden looks ok. There is no wind damage.

Only thing is that my garden is covered with white petals from forest trees.

The reason my garden looks good is that it's is secured from all 4 sides.
Yes we get less sun but at least when we get this horrible wind it stays alive.

Wind crooked my Delphinium and Columbines.

It also bended our neighbors pine tree. Of course it bended to our yard so now we are waiting for it to fall.

 I hope floods will go away soon and we'll get some nice and warm weather.

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