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Monday, April 14, 2014

Somebody's trash is someone else's treasure

Today I planned to make a post about my pepper jungle which grows so quickly that it should transplanted to the garden as soon as possible but then Nero and I found this beauty.

While we were taking our usual walk in the forest we came across a big pile of freshly cut grass. Our neighborhood is full of people that own small vacation houses and come here only on weekends. While they are here they pretend to garden. Why do I say pretend? Because no serious gardener would throw their leftover grass, weeds and trash it to the forest. It is just disgusting.
Between all that trash I saw something that made me even more angry. I recognized pointy leaves.
I took them out and as I suspected it was a beautiful Yucca plant.It had some damaged and sick leaves but the root was untouched.
I didn't doubt one second, I took a plastic bag from my pocket(better known as poop bag), wrapped the roots and took it home.

As soon as we got home we started looking for a place for our new yucca. I decided to plant it in front of our house. Yucca has two plants on one root. One had flowers last summer. There is an old woody stem in the middle of one of the plants. I suppose that ex owner believed that absurd myth about yucca dying after blooming and threw it out. But even with this I can't believe somebody would pull it and get rid of it especially when the bigger one is young and healthy.

I hope this poor yucca will like it's new home. Even Nero helped me with digging and planting.

 We had to improvise a fence for it so it doesn't end up with a bone between roots or pulled out and chewed. Since this plant wasn't planned I had no idea what to use so in the end I used old roofing tiles.

Remember the unexpected storm that our meteorologists didn't see until 2 days ago? Yes, it started. We are experiencing strong north wind, thunder and lightning with heavy rain. It's so ugly outside even Nero won't go out. He is spending his time in front of the window watching the wind. I think my brave dog is a bit scared(hint his face expression in the window).

I just hope there will be no hail.


  1. I'm agree with your tittle. Sometime I take a 'trash' from a roadside, and I plant it on my garden.

  2. Such a shame that people are less careful with their rubbish but a lucky find for you. (and Nero). I hope your weather improves

  3. My sister has many yucca plants in her garden, but it grows big and rather quick, and even though I think it is stunning, I won't have it in my tiny space. Nero is so cute!


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