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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seedling troubles

This past week has been cold with very strong winds and very rainy. Strong north wind did some damage in our garden. My lilac tree was in the way of the wind and it has some broken branches. Last year strong wind pulled out my other lilac tree so if this continues next year I'll end up treeless.

Wallflower shrub and Dame's rocket plants are all crocked and torn from the wind gusts.

This strong wind was also very cold so my oleander plant got frost bites.

My seedlings were well protected so they didn't get any frost bites. But because they were inside the house they grew like mad.

So now I should transplant them to the garden but I can't get inside. The rain made my vegetable beds into muddy pits. It will take at least 2 sunny days to be able to plant and we will have at least 5 more rainy days. 
So I decided my peppers will not go in the house anymore. This next few days I will keep them outside and maybe they will grow more slowly.

My kohlrabi, cabbages and lettuce should also be transplanted as soon as possible. They are also getting too big for my pots. 

So today I used 3 hours of sunny weather to tend my seedlings. I moved my greenhouse tomatoes outside of the greenhouse. They got big enough to keep them outside.

Again I had to use straws to make little poles for my seedlings.

I separated my seedlings and placed them in plastic crates to give them enough room but also to be able to move them if we get more stormy winds.

Zucchinis were also expelled from my greenhouse. They are huge.

I said that I will stop sowing but I just had to sow some more. One of the ladies that sells seeds had a big seed sale (50¢ a bag) and I just had to buy some seeds.
I got some chili pepper seeds: Jalapeno green pepper, Habanero brown pepper and Tabasco pepper seeds. They are usually 2€ a bag(one bag contains 10 seeds) so this was really cheap.
I also bought Cornflower, fizzy Cosmos mix, Broccoletto and some Welsh onions.

I finished sowing just in time to clean everything up and another rainstorm started.
Now I'll wait and hope that this rain will stop soon and I'll plant all my poor seedlings.


  1. I could not help laughing, you have sown so many different seeds and so many seedlings to plant out. I can understand you cannot stop sowing, when I was younger I was the same, but now I have limited myself to about 10 different varieties of seed. To my experience lilacs don't like storms or hard wind. In the past I had three different beautiful varieties, a white, purple and lilac one. They all have crashed by storms. The large lilac shrub in my garden is a wild shoot growing out of the soil of the purple one and see.......it is growing like mad and full of flowers. Sometimes you don't know.

    1. It's a curse of every gardener. I started with just a few peppers and tomatoes and now I sow in greenhouse almost everything I can find. Bugs are driving me so mad that in the end I will take my whole garden and place it in the house just to prevent them from chewing my seedlings.

  2. I don't know how long I could plant all the seedling that you have. So plenty and so various. You need help...
    I'm so sorry about your lilac, I hope it will recover soon

    1. It's not really so difficult once you get used to it. Last year I planted 300 peppers in one afternoon.

  3. I can't help but feel rather envious of your success with so many seedlings! I am struggling again this year, the sweet-pea are being difficult and I just cannot persuade my cornflowers to germinate. Your seedlings are amazing! Do wait until the frosts and storms have passed before you plant them out - there is nothing worse than having carefully nurtured them for weeks then losing them to adverse weather.

    1. I was struggling with my seedlings too until I found a good sowing substrate and big enough pots. Now they grow like crazy.

  4. Nice seedlings you've got there. Today, I'm going to sow my courgettes and pumpkins :)


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