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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mystery solved

Remember my Lovage mystery? Well mystery has been solved.
No I don't have little garden elves and I didn't lose my mind. Lovage is here. It was just still sleeping. Today while I was poking around I saw it. It's still small but it's here.

But this still doesn't tell me how did this now huge Feverfew get here. I didn't plant it I'm sure of it. So I guess either seeds fell in my little pot by mistake or it's self-sown.

While I was  walking around the garden doing nothing Nero was busy. Again he decided he should plant some bones. And this time he picked a perfect place for it. My lettuce seedlings.

I was shocked when I saw it,  he even stacked up the rest of little cups on top of the bone to cover it. I didn't yell or get angry. He was just too funny to be angry at him. As soon as I got close to my seedlings he rushed down the yard and tried to grab the bone. I couldn't do anything else but  try to save as many seedlings as I could.

 I managed to save most of them, there are some with torn leaves and some have bite marks ( I don't want to know why) but they will recuperate. They should have been replanted to the garden already but they will have to wait at least one more week.

My Ipomea planting should have also waited one more week. Again I have been an impatient idiot. I know I shouldn't plant delicate plants before middle of May, but this weird weather fooled me and I planted too soon.
Why am I an idiot? This is why.

Again our meteorologists  screwed up and it turns out this week will be really cold and morning temperatures will be below 0°C.

This means that I had to move my seedlings one more time. My tomato seedlings have been moved closer to the house. This way and with some blankets they should be safe from the cold.

And my Ipomea should be safe if I cover them with plastic containers.

 We'll just hope this cold wave goes away soon.


  1. Feverfew does tend to seed itself like a weed. I'm glad you weren't too cross with Nero - he is ingenious. As for meteorologists - no comment!

    1. It self-seeds the first year? We never had Feverfew here and it's not native plant so I was really surprised to see it here.

  2. Oh my goodness! Your poor seedlings; but rascals though they are, pets are just too lovable to scold for their misdemeanors with our plants. As for the Feverfew - that is one herb that doesn't need TLC.

    1. I know he loves to "plant" his bones but I never thought he would decide to plant it inside a tiny cup. I thought it would end up in one of my flower pots :)

  3. I will wait the progress of your Feverfew. Oh funny Nero..., he looks like my kitten, keep my seedlings with her own way!

    1. They always find a way to fix our seedlings. I guess I should move mine on a tree so he couldn't reach them

  4. Yep,Nero is definately a born gardener, just like Wilson-won't hesitate to help:)


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