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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jungle sowing

Last few days I really feel like I live in a jungle. We are not used to this kind of weather. Our temperatures are over 20°C and it's raining every single day. The result is that humidity is over 90% and it's hard to breathe and work in this conditions. I'm used to gardening in extremely hot, cold or windy but this is little too much for me. I really don't like being covered with sweat as soon as I start working.

Nevertheless there are some thing in the garden that have to be done even in this crazy moist weather. I managed to get to my garden somehow to plant my lettuce and cabbage seedlings. I couldn't keep them in the yard anymore. They started to turn yellow and it's a sign they need to be transplanted to the garden.

Also I had to plant my beans. I planted 1 kilo of Trešnjevac kidney beans and Berggolod wax beans.

I buy my kidney beans on our local market. They are much cheaper than the ones that you buy in stores. But my wax beans have to be from the store, they are really expensive too. One little box of wax beans is around 5€. Another problem with wax beans is that you can't find untreated beans. Our law says that every bean and pea sold in stores has to be treated and that is why every bag of bean seeds we buy has that lovely pink color.

I said we buy our kidney beans in our local market, so why don't we buy wax bean seeds also?
There aren't any. It's really difficult to save wax bean seeds and be sure you will get the variety you planted. Wax beans mix really easily and to take seeds they should be really far from every other bean. I remember that my grandma tried many times to collect wax bean seeds. She had a big field and planted wax beans in one corner separated from all the other beans and still next year she got every other variety but no wax beans.
So I'm stuck with our treated seeds. To be honest when I started gardening I was bothered with that but now...well not so much.
I never considered myself as an organic gardener.  Sure I watch how I plant, I don't spray my vegetables, I use organic fertilizers. But living where I live and considering the fact that we live whole winter mainly on vegetables I preserve during the summer I just feel I don't have the luxury to deny my family peas and beans just cause I can't buy untreated ones.

My bugs don't seem to mind my treated seeds since they ate a nice big part of the rows I planted a few weeks ago. Who knows how many would be missing if peas were untreated. :(

They would probably end up like my parsley seeds. Every year I can play a game called "Where did my parsley go?"

 Bugs really love my parsley and carrots. Every year I try different tricks to stop them from eating and every year I fail. Again they ate at least 80% of my parsley. Carrots had better luck this year but they still have the time to eat them.

 I planted 17 short rows of wax beans and 5 long rows of  kidney beans.

 By the time I finished this I was wet like somebody threw a bucket of water on me, also mosquitoes ate every part of my body they could reach . The rain started soon after I finished and it was raining whole afternoon. I really feel somebody took my garden and landed us somewhere in the middle of Amazon jungle


  1. You certainly grow a lot of beans. I haven't a clue what wax beans are. I learnt yesterday that your Lima beans are what we call Butter beans. But wax beans?
    Parsley is supposed to thrive in a garden where the woman is boss so maybe you are not bossy enough. I can never get as much as I would like to grow either.

    1. Wax beans are green beans only yellow, why they are called wax I have no clue. I'm definitely not the boss, even my dog is a bigger boss than me. So I gues I'll never have nice parsley ;)

  2. The climate in your country just doesn't sound very conducive to gardening - I think you work wonders under the circumstances.

    1. Thank you, I try to do my best and yes climate is not helping me at all. I wouldn't be surprised if after everything we get some snow in May.

  3. Oh dear, your weather is much better than mine. Heat, rain, humid are blended. I couldn't do nothing more on my garden. I need more than a week to recover my raised bed.
    Your parsley game like my onion game... lol

    1. I guess weather will be testing us this year. I don't have problems with onions. They are the only vegetable my bugs don't like.

  4. Your weather does seem to swing from one extreme to the other.

    1. It's like living on a roller coaster. Rain-sun, up-down. And the feeling of nausea is the same :)


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