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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When potato planting becomes interesting

 Today I got up really early cause I had one mission. I decided today will be potato planting day.
I always need to prepare for it cause it is the thing I hate doing the most. I really don't like potato planting.
I hate digging rows and carrying manure to the garden. But still it has to be done.
This year we bought 5 kilos of early white potatoes.

I always do 5 steps when I plant my potatoes. First step I did yesterday- digging whole potato bed one more time because all the rain didn't help. Soil is still hard and dry.
Then I make rows, bring the manure, place potatoes and cover them.

 While I was getting manure from our manure pit my morning got really interesting. When I removed some manure I found brown snake inside.

It was slow worm (Anguis fragilis) or as we call them "Sljepić". They are really useful snakes and only because I know them well I didn't escape screaming and panicking.
Still she was in the was so I decided to take it and place it in the forest so I don't hurt it while taking manure.

I continued working and came across another slow worm. This one was grey and quick. I had trouble catching him so I carried him to the forest as quickly as I could.
I have no idea why there were so many slow worms in my manure but I think it's because of the temperatures. This year temperatures are higher than normal and I think snakes came out sooner that they usually do.
When I though I was done with snakes for today another surprise. While I was emptying  one of the buckets on the row I saw something moving. Another snake!! A small one. I guess I had a slow worm family in my manure.

I picked up this poor little fellow and placed him in the bucket. I kept him there until I finished planting and then I returned him in the manure pit. He is still to small and it's still too cold for him to stay outside.

After all the snake excitement it was really boring covering the potatoes.

My grandma always said that potatoes should always be able to see sunrise so I stick to this. I cover my potatoes with really small amount of soil. Just enough to hide them. This way they can't freeze but also don't rot if there is too much rain.

My garden is slowly filling up. All that is left is planting my seedlings and sowing beans and flowers. Now all we need is some nice rain and mild temperatures. 


  1. Your potato rows look great! Good job! I have never succes om growing potato

    1. We can only grow really early varieties of potatoes. Others don't have enough time to grow.

  2. Lovely straight potato rows! Mine are never that good.

    1. That is the only good thing about downhill gardens. Rows always look straight. :)

  3. I probably would start screming seeing the snakes! It was surely an interesting day for you. Boring potato planting became a great adventure of saving the snakes:)

    1. Lol I was screaming when I saw them for the first time many years ago, but now I'm used to them crawling around our yard.

  4. WE plant potatoes the lazy way - dig a hole with atrowel and pop a tuvbr in!

    1. My grandparents used to plant them the same way.


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