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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dream garden

Every person has it's own version of a dream garden. English, French, Japanese, cottage, water, container, neat or wild growing gardens we all strive to have that one "special" garden which we see as our dream garden.
My dream garden is exactly that...just a dream, fiction from one of my favorite movies. I remember  I was just 10 years old when I saw "What dreams may come" for the first time. I didn't understand and remember half of the movie but there was something I always remembered and that dazzled me when I saw it.

I remembered the garden. All those colors...flowers. And even though in the movie at the beginning all the flowers are just paint they stayed in my memory all this time.

 I guess I liked all this flowers so much because of the colors. Whole my life I love purple and blue flowers, and this is a problem since there aren't many blue flowers. Lately I have been looking and buying every blue flower I could find but still the amount of blue flowers in my garden is very small.
My obsession with blue flowers is visible even in my taste in art. My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. I love it's blue irises and how most of his paintings are filled with blue paint.

All the thinking about dream garden can be really frustrating. Especially when your front yard at the moment looks like this:

My whole front yard is covered with pots, greenhouses, flower buckets and water jars.
 The reason for this horrible mess is this crazy weather we are having. Nights are very cold. Some of them are around 0°C and daily temperatures are 5°C one day and the next are over 20°C. Sun is high enough so it warms up the front yard but because of the cold nights my backyard is too cold for our seedlings.

The best indicator of this are my Columbines. The ones in the front yard are almost ready to bloom and the ones in the backyard will wait for at least one more month.

Because of this all my seedlings that are usually hidden in the back yard had to be moved to the front yard cause they stopped growing. So now they are placed on an improvised table.

All my flower pots are just stacked up in the corner waiting to have some room to place them on their usual places.

This mess really frustrates me. Every year it's more difficult to grow our seedlings and sometimes I think it would be better to just buy them. Well, I think this until I see the prices of seedlings.
Most stores, greenhouses and farmers ask for 1€ per seedling. And when you count the amounts of seedlings I need for my garden it ads up to 300€. In my country this is really really expensive since our average wages are around 500€ and minimum wages are around 250-300€.
When I calculate all the soil and seeds I buy I spend less they 100€ a year. Most of the seeds I buy only once and then I collect my own and my pots are recycled.
I guess when I think about it I will survive my messy front yard somehow :)

To brighten up my day I got some wild flowers to create a bit of my dream garden inside my house.

Well actually to brighten computer desk. When you have a big and crazy dog you start acting like you have little kids in the house and all your things end up in tall places where Nero's tail can't reach them.
I swear sometimes he is like a big broom, one or two sweeps and there is nothing left.


  1. My dream garden will have to remain a dream too - no chance of it becoming reality!

    1. Guess just a small amount of lucky people get their dream garden

  2. What a nightmare you are having with your seedlings! I struggled with mine last year, so am not yet trusting them in the greenhouse where the temperatures tend to fluctuate (though not quite as radically as what you are currently experiencing) until they have definitely established.

    1. I think the only way we wouldn't struggle is if we moved somewhere were temperatures are over 25°C whole year. I''ll add this to my dream list :)

  3. My dream, I have a wide land and grow my own foods, grow everything on it, and become a sustainabe gardener. But it just a dream :(. BTW I love your flowers arrangement! Beautiful!

    1. who knows maybe it will became true some day :)

  4. I remember that film and you are right it was beautiful - I would never be able to recreate that in my garden - but we can all dream can't we. It doesn't matter whether your front yard looks a mess at the moment as long as your seeds survive - it sounds like things are very expensive where you live - we are so lucky here to have lots of choice and reasonably cheap to buy. Hope everything works out ok.

    1. Actually they say we have European prices...but we have low wages so in the end everything turns out ridiculously expensive.

  5. It’s rather unfortunate that it’s not quite possible to achieve a garden with such ethereal beauty, no matter how we try to adorn our yards with many blue and lavender flowers. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t create a realistic garden that could compete with the magical splendor of those fictionalized sanctuaries that we see in movies. And those things has to be based on something on this earth, so we could at least aim for something of that quality. Cheers!

    Darrell Gardner @ Living Colour Gardens

  6. I agree that turning your dream garden into reality is quite difficult. However, it’s not impossible to make. You don’t have to be frustrated with the space that you have, because there are always ways to achieve your dream garden. In fact, you can ask a professional landscaper for an advice with regards to your liking. All the best!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping


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