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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Almost swimming

This morning was sunny but still wet from yesterdays rain so I decided to wait a bit before going to the garden. I planned to try to make holes for my cucumber poles and get some lettuce for dinner.

While I was waiting I had other smaller tasks in my yard. But like always one task here, one there and I spent my whole morning working on my yard plants and seedlings.
Yesterday our neighbor took her seedlings away so I gained some new free space in my front yard. You can already guess that I used it to plant some more.

I used my new free space for my chili peppers.

The rest of the free space was used for my Cannas.

Usually I empty the pots in the fall and plant bulbs in spring, but last year my mum suggested that we leave them in pots during the winter and separate and plant in spring.I thought once the soil dries really good it would be easier to separate the bulbs.

Noup... it's the same poop like separating them in the fall.
It's like trying to separate concrete blocks with hands.
Cannas have very invasive and strong roots and bulbs connect together so it's almost impossible to separate them. Every year I start separating them with hands and in the end I just cut them with knife.

They don't mind it at all. They still grow like mad. The worst thing is that every year I have more and more bulbs and I came to a point where I have no more room to plant them. Sure I could plant them directly to the garden and not in flower pots, but cannas can't survive our winters and once I plant them in ground it's impossible to pull them out. It would be like a death sentence. As much as I hate Canna bulbs I'm not that cruel (for now).

With my lettuce and cabbages transplanted to the garden I was able to turn my greenhouse to the other side and make room for my Ipomea curtain. Ipomea is already starting to climb so I had to quickly make some climbers for it.
I decided to tie some strings to a pole above my bedroom window and let Ipomea climb on it.

Since it grows quickly it will cover this ugly strings very soon and I will have a green curtain.

But like always I can't work in the garden without messing around my tomato seedlings. The tomato seedlings I planted and left outside whole time are growing nicely.

Well, one variety "Campbell 1327" didn't germinate. I guess my seeds were too old. I had it's bag for more than 5 years so it's no surprise. But my Costoluto and Giant Belguim grew some extra seedlings.

They also grew some green marbles.

It's amazing that even in protected space, with controlled substrate I still have to deal with annoying bugs. Of course I removed all this bug eggs and transplanted my extra seedlings to my empty pots so I'm back to 160 tomato seedlings.

Since I was messing too long around my seedlings it started raining again so I had to slide down my garden while it was raining to bring us lettuce for for our dinner.

I didn't even clean the lettuce bed after picking it. I just cut down lettuce heads and ran to the house. I will clean up the mess when I get the chance to be in the garden without getting all muddy.
I got home just in time. Rain turned into another thunderstorm. Water was pouring down the road like there was a river instead of the road.

And my garden..my very unable to walk downhill garden has big water puddles.
Guess soon I'll be able to make a new swimming pool in my garden :)


  1. 160!!! Wow, this is a propper number. Working in your garden looks like a full time job. My lettuce isn't growing that well, it may also be due to bad seeds.

    1. Well in April and May it is a full time job, after that it's only 2 hours a day.

  2. I really love your seedling rack. The tomato seedlings look so healthy, although there are some bug eggs on it. You should spent more time to work on your garden. You have so plenty seeds and seedling to be planted. Love your garden!

    1. Thank you. Seedling rack was an improvised greenhouse my dad made out of old supermarket racks. Few years ago when due to very cold spring I couldn't keep my big seedlings outside and we needed a new greenhouse quickly.

  3. Wonderful you are growing so many tomatoe plants and have huge vegetable beds, quite a job, do you also sell vegetables on the market ? I am really looking forward to see your future green curtain covered with blue flowers this summer, I can imagine that this will be so beautiful.

    1. No I don't sell my vegetables. All my collected vegetables are stored for autumn and winter. Vegetables and fruits are very expensive during the winter.

  4. It's always difficult when plants produce so many babies that you haven't room for but can;t bring yourself to throw away.

    1. Yes, and in my garden Cannas are the worst. I have 2 big boxes filled with bulbs and no room to plant them


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