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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lovage..or maybe not

Last few days I have a feeling we jumped from winter to summer. Average temperatures for March in my village are around 8°C and yesterday:

Yes that's 34°C. Ok it's the temperature in front of my house where it's sunny whole day, but lets face it nobody lives 2 meters off the ground and in the shade where official temperatures are measured.
 I hate this temperature jump. I can't adjust to it, but my seedlings love it. Everyday I take my pepper seedlings for sunbathing and they seem to like it very much.

This heat dried our steep path to my future herb bed and I was shoked when I went to check it out.
Last spring I planted mint, spinach tree and lovage.

Mint and spinach tree are still underground and haven't started growing back but instead of lovage I found this.

I was really surprised since I know Lovage looks a lot like celery and this little shrub looks nothing like it. I've spent minutes trying to figure out what happened, but I just couldn't. I planted seedling that I got from lovage seeds, with leaves that looked like celery, smelled like celery and even had little stick with lovage written on it.
Then how did I get a plant that doesn't look, smell or have leaves like Lovage.

After meditating, consulting books and google I figured that this is Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium). Yes I did sow it last spring, but I planted it on other side of the garden and not in my herb garden. 
So how did it get there? I have no idea. 
And if this is Feverfew and not Lovage, then where is my lovage plant? I searched my whole garden and didn't find anything.
 I sowed Lovage again to see if this one will also disappear.
I guess I have little garden dwarfs that rearrange my plants. It's the only reasonable answer to this mystery.


  1. Wow, that's a big jump of temperature. Do you have clay soil there? Looking forward to see more of your vegetable garden in the coming months.

    1. Yes it's hard clay soil. We could use it for pottery. :)

  2. Your seedling always look so stunning. I have ever heard about feverfew, but never see the real plant. This is for the first time I hear about lovage

    1. Lovage is very popular plant here. It's used as food seasoning.

  3. Hi hi, I guess the garden lives its own life:)

    1. Or someone wants to make me crazy :)


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