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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lost in sowing

These past few days have been turbulent with some problems in my family so gardening and blogging suffered a bit.
Still there were things that had to be done. I had to get our famous coffin outside to place my seedlings inside.

Yes seedlings...my cabbages, kale and kohlrabi already have little leaves.

Few days ago I've also sown some lettuce. This year lettuce will not be sown directly to the garden, so I've sown two cases of lettuce ( I don't have room for more). When they get big enough to replant them to the garden I will sow more.

I've wrapped my cups in plastic bags to make them germinate faster. I want to move them from the greenhouse as soon as possible so I could place my other seedlings inside. Lettuce tolerates low temperatures so they can stay outside.
I've sown Iceberg, Roman, Lollo fan, Nansen and summer crisp lettuce.

My pepper seeds are still inside the house but they started growing their first leaves.

And today I've started sowing tomatoes. Actually I wanted to sow all my tomatoes today but my substrate bag is empty and I'll have to get one more before sowing everything.
That's why today I've sown only half of my planned seeds.

I've sown 40 seeds of determinate tomatoes: Oregon spring (10s), Napoli (10s), Viva Italia (10s) and Black seaman (10s).

Also I've sown 44 seeds of indeterminate tomatoes: Black Krim (10s), Giant tomato mixed (20s), Gold medal (8s), Brainy (2s), Cherry (2s) and De Barao yellow (2s).

I prefer determinate tomatoes cause they need less care and they don't need big poles, but still I sow  more indeterminate varieties cause they give bigger fruits and varieties I have are great for cooking.
We cook our own salsa, paste and sauce so we need lots of big meaty tomatoes. Last year we bough a mix of giant tomato seeds and we are really pleased with this mix. The bag contains: Tidwell German, Neves Azorean, Richardson, red Ponderosa and Mortgage Lifter tomato seeds. Every plant gave us lots of tomatoes and none of them were sick or rotting on the bottom. So this year they were my first tomato choice. I've used almost all the giant mix seeds this year, so I'll have to store my own seeds for next year. I can't be sure what variety of the five I'll get since all the seeds are mixed but I really don't care. All of them are excellent.

While I was sowing my helper was also busy. Our neighbors dog likes to drag big branches around the village. Every few days she brings a branch and leaves it at our door. I think she likes giving Nero presents. This time she brought him huge branch that he immediately took and spent whole morning chewing it.

Now some people would say how can I let him chew wood. Well, Nero is really smart dog and he never eats the wood he chews. He tears pieces of wood of the branch and spits them out. Yes, he makes a mess but at least he doesn't walk behind me with a ball in his mouth.

Tomorrow I'll probably go and finish with my orchard cleaning. We had some really windy days so it was impossible to do anything inside the orchard, but meteorologists say that this week will be sunny and warm so I'll use this nice weather to prune the rest of trees and collect leaves that fell during the fall.


  1. You have sowed lots of seeds. In my plan, I should already sow some verieties of veggies and make additiomal raised bed this week. But nothing I have been doing. No progress for this week. Resowing my seed... it's a must. I get fail on sowing so many veggies on february
    Happy sowing!

  2. Good luck with your seeds! That's a lot - I'm impressed! I started tomato seeds this year, but I have little hope for them. I usually end up buying tomato plants and throwing my poor, leggy, pale, weak seedlings away. But I try every year - maybe this will be the year of success!

  3. Nero seems to be helping you a lot in the garden:)


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