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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter damage

After yesterday's walk, today I decided to take a walk to the creek under our house. I wanted to see how it looks in the winter. Nero was happy for the chance to chase all the cats that walk around our garden.

We went down the forest next to my house. The ground is very steep so we had to be extra careful to get to the creek.

Under our house the amount of water was the same as always.

By the creek I found some alpine squills  and hellebores

We wanted to take a walk by the creek but this was impossible. Water flooded the ground and it was impossible to get thorough. So we decided to turn back.

Nero didn't mind walking in water.

I didn't want to get my feet all wet and I decided to take a walk down the path that leads to the road. There was lots of broken branches on the path.

But this was nothing like the damage we encountered in next forest. I wanted to take some photos of the river we have a few miles from our house, and to get to this river we had to walk through one big forest.
I don't like walking in this forest cause it's really big and it's easy to get lost in it.

When I walk here I always follow one big path till I get to the river and take the same way home. But there was something that got us off the path. Nero found a big tree that got ripped out the ground

 And while falling this tree broke in half another tree.

I thought this would be the biggest damage I will see but then we got to the river.
We couldn't get close cause there was a landslide next to the river. There is a lot of broken and ripped trees. I really didn't want to risk falling inside the canal so after taking some photos we turned back and went home.

I thought I would take more beautiful photos like the ones yesterday but today instead of nature beauty I got a sight of what happens when nature gets mad.


  1. Beautiful helebores. I can't grow here :-(
    I should grow it in my refrigrator :-)

    1. I don't grow them either. They are protected by law here and they only grow in forests. We can't pick them up or grow them at home.

  2. I guess nature has a plan. The gaps left by the fallen trees will let in light so new plants can grow but it is sad to see large trees destroyed.

    1. I know that new plants will grow but it's still scary to see it, especially when I know that in summer dozens of people walk there every day.

  3. I understand you too had storms like we had past weeks. Here it caused also much damage in the woods. So nice to see a Hellebore and alpine scilla there, are they growing in the wild?
    Nero will enjoy these walks like our Snarf. Enjoyed watching similar nature pictures as I make, we never get bored of it.

    1. Yes Hellebores, alpine scilla, snowdrops and crocus grow in the wild. We are not allowed to have them in our yards.


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